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  1. decktosser

    Baby stays Hunter 23

    Over the past several years I have slowly perfected my mast raising system. The last thing to do is to rig baby stays to keep the mast from swaying until the shrouds tighten. Can anyone send me a description or pictures of baby stay installation on your Hunter 23?? I know that the attachment...
  2. decktosser

    Acrylic slider over companionway

    I'm betting that this topic has been discussed before but my search has not turned anything up that is specific to my Hunter 23. In short, my acrylic slider has cracked and I am wondering what others have done with this issue. The Hunter store wants over $325 to purchase new plus $125 in...
  3. decktosser

    Storage under H23 gas tank

    All Hunter 23 owners will know that there is considerable storage space under the cockpit sole. A portion of that space extends across the beam under the gas can locker. This space is almost impossible to use unless you actually crawl into the port side access locker. Has anyone figured out a...
  4. decktosser

    Modifying the H23 galley

    I spend most weekend in the summer months on my Hunter 23 and it has occurred to me on several occasions that the galley arrangement is not very efficient. So, I am wondering if anyone out there has modified the galley on their H23. What I am thinking of doing is removing the existing slide out...
  5. decktosser

    Opening Portlights

    In the spring I need to replace both of the windows in my 1985 Hunter 23. I was thinking that a nice addition would be opening port lights set into the lexan windows. However, I can not find an opening port light that is less than 8" in diameter. The width of the hull window opening is around...
  6. decktosser

    Cruising without the mast

    Just wondering if anyone has done any inland waters cruising in a Hunter 23 without the mast. I would like to try it for a weekend but not if it is going to be a horrible experience in terms of boat motion.
  7. decktosser

    Headstay modification

    Thinking about a roller furler for next season. The CDI FF2 furler instructions indicate that there must be a toggle at both ends of the forestay. On my 1985 Hunter 23 there is a rather peculiar upper end attachment point that consists of a slot into which and sort of ball shaped end of the...
  8. decktosser

    roller furler for Hunter 23

    I an aware that this topic has been discussed but I can't find a reference to my particular questions. I am sure that someone out there has done this modification.... I want to put a CDI FF2 roller furler on my 1985 Hunter 23 (wing keel). I understand that I must raise the roller drum up above...
  9. decktosser

    Shore Power Question

    I have looked carefully but I can't find a picture of the placement of the shore power inlet on a Hunter 23. Does anyone have a picture of their installation or a good description of where they put it?? Thanks
  10. decktosser

    Stern Rail

    I am aware that this topic has been discussed before but I have specific question. Has anyone purchased and installed a stern rail built for a Catalina 22? I am thinking of the one pictured in this post.
  11. decktosser

    keeping rudder up when launching

    On Hunter 23's there is a line a cleat for keeping the rudder down in the water when sailing. What isn't there is a mechanism for keeping the rudder up when launching a retrieving. Has anyone solved this problem? I am certain it will be an easy fix but at the moment, as I look at my rudder, I...
  12. decktosser

    Cored or not

    I'm getting ready to install some deck fittings on the cabin roof of my 1985 Hunter 23 and am in the process of acquiring what I need to get the job done. Does anyone know if the cabin top is cored or not? In addition, does anyone know the thickness of the cabin top so that the proper length...
  13. decktosser

    Shore power

    Have added shore power to a number of boats but am looking for some advice on adding shore power to an 1985 H23. Mainly, I would appreciate some pictures of your interior installation....where it is, how you have housed the circuit breakers, where did you drill the hole for the 30 amp input...
  14. decktosser

    h23 logo

    I am wondering if anyone out there has tried to recreate the h 23 logo that appears on the main sail of early Hunter 23's. I found out that the font was Albertus Medium which I was able to download but I do not know how big the script needs to be. That is to say, I need to know how tall the...
  15. decktosser

    Special issue with lines led aft

    @Page { margin: 0.79in } p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120% } Hello All: I need some advice from those of you who have run your halyards aft on a Hunter 23. I have a H23 and am going to run the main and head sail halyards aft. You all are aware of the fact that the cabin top on an...
  16. decktosser

    Halyard Organizer/Mast Plate

    I know that some of you have solved this problem already but I need some help with it. I would like to place a mast plate/halyard organizer under the mast base on my 1985 Hunter 23. This would allow me to run some of the running rigging back to the cockpit. I ordered the M3 Mast Plate from...
  17. decktosser

    air conditioner placement

    On my 1985 Hunter 23 (maybe on all Hunters of that period) there is a wooden bulkhead just aft of where the cooler slides under the forward portion of the cockpit. The area behind the bulkhead opens into the under cockpit storage area. It looks like it might be a good place for the permanent...
  18. decktosser

    microwave on hunter 23

    Could not find this topic on a forum search so will ask it here. Does anyone have a microwave installed on their Hunter 23? If so can you post a picture or just explain where you placed it on the boat? thanks
  19. decktosser

    Trailer Manufacturer

    I have a galvanized trailer under my H23 and although the name is barely visible , it appears that the trailer was manufactured by Lawrence. Can anyone confirm that is, indeed the builder of the trailer. I suspect they are out of business as I can't find them on the web.
  20. decktosser

    Kenyon mast sail slug slot

    Mt boat is 2.5 hours away and I would like to order some new sail slugs for the main. Does anyone out there know either the dimension of the slug barrel or of the slot??? thanks