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  1. FlorDLuna

    Macerator pump - Beneteau 331 - stupid question

    My 331 had a manual head which had no macerator. The holding tank was not gravity drained. There was a Y valve below the sink which sent the waste from the head either into the tank or overboard. Once it was in the tank, the only way to get it out was a pumpout at the dock or from one of the...
  2. FlorDLuna

    B331 companionway sliding hatch squeaks

    I concur with Bluenose. Removing the two white plastic stops on my 331 would allow me to pull the sliding companionway cover pretty far aft for cleaning, but not enough to remove it. On the deck forward, the fiberglass non-skid cover that protects the lexan when it is in the opened position...
  3. FlorDLuna

    OC 41.1 Anchor storage

    I've come to the same conclusion on my 41.1. It looks like I'd have to pull the entire length of chain and rode up through the hawse hole to get it off the windlass and then place it back in the anchor locker along with the anchor. Also, the anchor is attached with a shackle that has an unusual...
  4. FlorDLuna

    Boom catching in the back stays B331

    I concur with BigEasy. It used to happen on my 331 often when gybing. The solution was tightening the vang. Didn't have to tighten it alot, just couldn't leave it loose when gybing. Once, on a gybe when the vang line was loose, the boom hung up on the backstay and then lifted enough that the...
  5. FlorDLuna

    Dockside water: Is it worth it?

    We got a municipal water connection as a factory Beneteau option on our newly commissioned 41.1 Relatively inexpensive as a factory option, well worth the price. The inlet is right next to the transom shower head and manual bilge pump. It came installed as a water hose quick release nipple; I...
  6. FlorDLuna

    Beneteau 40 Epirb Mounting Location

    FWIW, after 3 years of mounting my EPRIB near the companionway in the galley using a Seasucker suction cup EPIRB mount, I've decided this year to keep it in my ACR Ditch bag in the lazarette. I've decided the scenarios where I will grab it and flip the switch manually as I abandon ship seem more...
  7. FlorDLuna

    Beneteau 41.1 headroom

    OP is asking about the 41.1, not the 411. Two different boats.
  8. FlorDLuna

    Beneteau 343 winter covers

    Decaying leaves. I once left my J/24 uncovered for the winter, and a carpet of dead leaves formed in the cockpit area and deck, which then released their tannins when left soaking in water and ice. The stains in the gelcoat were pretty bad. Also, I'd be worried that the accumulated weight of...
  9. FlorDLuna

    Replacement led lights for Oceanis 45

    Installation is complete and, as promised, here's my follow up. In the 331 light fixtures, I had to remove both the halogen bulb and the metallic reflector. I also removed a little white plastic block that comes on the LED unit, separating the two pins at their base. Doing this allowed the disk...
  10. FlorDLuna

    Replacement led lights for Oceanis 45

    I just found and have ordered some "bi-color" LEDs to replace some G4 2 pin halogens in the cabin headliner. Specs claim that you turn them on once, they're white; turn them off and then on again and they're red (or blue). Don't know if they're dimmable, but if these work your problem is halfway...
  11. FlorDLuna

    B361 propane tank

    Be sure to check the expiration date on your existing aluminum propane cyclinder. Propane refilling stations are not supposed to refill your tank if they are older than 12 years. Like you, I purchased a second Worthington tank when I acquired my 331 because the space was there and, hey, why...
  12. FlorDLuna

    B361 relocation of batteries

    A few years ago I had L&L Electronics in Connecticut replace/upgrade the batteries on my B331. The original locations were right in front of the engine, and under the bunkboards in the aft cabin, near the centerline. They ended up removing the battery that was in front of the engine, and placing...
  13. FlorDLuna

    Flushing the Water Tanks

    Practical Sailor just did a huge test on freshwater treatment products:
  14. FlorDLuna

    Flushing the Water Tanks

    Are you talking about "spring commissioning" i.e. removing the anti-freeze from the tank and lines? Or are you getting stale, foul water from the faucets mid-season? If the former, I usually fill the tank only 1/3 or 1/4 before emptying, maybe twice or thrice, then fill the tank. By the second...
  15. FlorDLuna

    Missing piece on the windex

    You can also get the "reference tabs" directly from Davis:
  16. FlorDLuna

    Marina's seem to hate sailboats

    Vernonite, I'd say most trailer sailing gets done from public boat ramps. If you want to launch in the lower Hudson, there's a ramp at the foot of the GW Bridge on the Jersey side (Palisades Park) and another one at Liberty State Park near the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Just be aware...
  17. FlorDLuna

    Raymarine ST60 Tridata

    Ron, you are indeed a diligent sailor! :thumbup:
  18. FlorDLuna

    Raymarine ST60 Tridata

    I also have the ST60 with paddlewheel speed/temp thru-hull (which are manufactured by Airmar, not Raymarine). When I was on a mooring, the paddle would get covered with algae and barnacles every 3 weeks and need to be pulled and cleaned, which I never liked doing on the mooring. Now that I'm at...
  19. FlorDLuna

    Dock Steps

    I know what you mean. Our beamy Bennys tend to leave a gap aft of midships, when we tie up to leave the boat parallel to the dock. For boarding, I let the bow line loose and haul in on the stern line, which brings the aft quarter right up against the dock. It also swings the bow far away from...
  20. FlorDLuna

    Hull waxing method

    I used Woody Wax on non-skid for the first time this season, and so far so good. Not slippery like regular wax I once applied to non-skid (won't ever do THAT again!) and so far has made cleaning off shoe marks, etc. very easy.