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  1. Spindrift NH

    Ridding the rattle with in-mast furling, when no sail is installed (winter slip with bubble, lifestyle question)

    When had my sail out for a few months while waiting for a fuller part, I fed several plumbing insulation sections up the furling rod. That eliminated the racket. Plumbing insulation is similar to a pool noodle but smaller in diameter and about $2.50 for an 8’ section.
  2. Spindrift NH

    Skeg Wobble - Advice Needed

    Well, looking again I guess it does look like some flex in the skeg
  3. Spindrift NH

    Skeg Wobble - Advice Needed

    It’s a short video but it looked to me that the play in the rudder is in the bearing. As you pull on it you’re moving the whole boat, can see the hull moving as you pull/push, so at first glance it looks like movement in the keg. Looking closer you can see the rudder moving about 1/8” in...
  4. Spindrift NH

    Marine Air CM16H - Suggested water pump

    I’ve had a lot of trouble with my ac pumps for some reason, maybe it’s the heavily silted water in Charleston. I’m on my 3rd pump in three years! Three years ago I replaced the pump that the boat came with, it worked for the two years we owned the boat plus however many with the po. I replaced...
  5. Spindrift NH

    Questions (many) re: Setting up a private mooring

    Yes, it is pretty much the same thing, except you’re not limited to keeping your boat in one spot. With a trailerable boat you could leave it in Folly for a couple of weeks then move it to the harbor, North Edisto, you the unique ability to explore many areas.
  6. Spindrift NH

    Questions (many) re: Setting up a private mooring

    So you don’t necessarily need a “mooring”. You could use a large anchor on all chain and attach your boat to that. When you want to go sail, attach your dinghy to your anchor chain. No one’s gonna hook up to your dinghy while you’re gone. You don’t need any kind of permit to drop an anchor...
  7. Spindrift NH

    Boat Porn

    Did you find a place to keep your boat?
  8. Spindrift NH

    A/C Water Pump Recommendations?

    I bought the koolair 500 listed further up this page as a replacement pump two seasons ago, had to replace it this year. I went with the little giant 500 as that is what my ac manufacturer sells with their units.
  9. Spindrift NH

    Canoe stern and following seas

    I would assume, big trouble there I know, that since he refers to buoyancy, or lack there of, with double enders that a transom stern adds buoyancy. My boat has a big fat transom, so large in fact that I can get into all three lazerettes port, stbd, and stern and lay down in there. They’re huge...
  10. Spindrift NH

    Canoe stern and following seas

    Not suggesting “bad” just not as good as a wide stern. From the article: But there were all sorts of strange theories as to why the double ender was the best hull form for offshore. “The stern parts the following seas.” I call this the “Moses effect”. Maybe the stern parts the following sea...
  11. Spindrift NH

    Canoe stern and following seas

    This guy has some thoughts about them, I think he knows what he’s talking about. Personally I like the look of double Enders but probably wouldn’t own one.
  12. Spindrift NH

    Calling all Charleston SC sailors...

    The Harborage marina is right next door to City Marina, now called Fair Harbor, it’s on the closer side to the Citadel. City marina does not allow live aboards, you could do transient but I’m sure there’s a limit to number of months. The traffic to and from both pretty much sucks anytime after...
  13. Spindrift NH

    Calling all Charleston SC sailors...

    Tollers cove is mainly power boats, occasionally you’ll see a sailboat in there. No live aboards allowed at Tollers.
  14. Spindrift NH

    Calling all Charleston SC sailors...

    You do not need to go under rt 17 to get to the Harborage marina though the entrance to the fairway is about 200 feet from the bridge. There is a fixed bridge to get under but it’s at about 54’.
  15. Spindrift NH

    Calling all Charleston SC sailors...

    There are some moorings on the Ashley river, I have a friend that rents one out. From what I understand there is nothing that prevents you from installing one in the anchorage, I’d research that to be sure. You may purchase use of the dinghy at safe harbor(formerly city marina) and receive...
  16. Spindrift NH

    Flex Products

    My father has a 12’ aluminum boat that he bought from sears in 1968. Over the years we would periodically “tighten” the rivets to stop leaking. A couple years ago he coated the outside with flexseal, that stopped the leaks. He needs to reapply this year as dragging the boat up on shore has worn...
  17. Spindrift NH

    What is this?

    You’ll have to go custom designed and made. Here’s one that I made for our forward hatch. The hatch frame provides the structure and straps provide tension. It extends forward beyond the cabin top to allow for good ventilation.
  18. Spindrift NH

    Anyone who doesn't post a photo today, will be barred from SBO.

    Taken this evening. We’re helping some South Carolina hospitals repair thousands of masks that have been in storage for several years. The material used for straps has degraded over time so they break when pulled on. We’re adding new elastic.
  19. Spindrift NH

    Can I dock my boat stern first? SOLVED

    We tie up bow in mainly for the privacy but the view from the cockpit is pretty good too!
  20. Spindrift NH

    Shaft log hose stuck

    My previous ‘88 C30 had a pss without the air vent tube, I never had a problem with it. I just burped it at spring launch and periodically throughout the sailing season I would compress the bellows just because.