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  1. Spindrift NH

    The Two Best Days In....

    A boat owners life. This past Saturday we sold Spindrift. We really loved the boat but it was not going to be the right boat going forward with our plans to move out of the north east. So the typical second best for a boat owner, the day it sells, was bittersweet for us. To soften the blow...
  2. Spindrift NH

    Replacement Sail Shackle

    Does anyone know where I could find this style sail shackle? Photo attached. I have checked a few of the larger marine distributors and found sail shackles but not this particular style.
  3. Spindrift NH

    Removing silicone residue from gellcoat

    I removed a leaking acrylic dead light on my '88 Catalina 30. Before I attempt to install a new piece of acrylic I need to remove all of the existing residue. I have used a painters 5 in one putty knife to get most of the adhesive off but there is still a thin film. I have tried an abundance of...
  4. Spindrift NH

    Replacing exhaust hose on 1988 MKII

    Does anyone have pointers on best(easiest) way to accomplish this? Do I need to remove the galley?
  5. Spindrift NH

    What weight oil?

    I will be hauling out for the winter this weekend and would like to change the oil on my M25XP, can someone please tell me the proper weight oil to use. Thanks
  6. Spindrift NH

    Pee-yew, she stinks

    The Boat I mean! Has anyone come up with a solution to the poor holding tank vent system on the cat 30's? The tiny hole on the stantion just doesn't cut it. We put up with it last year, our first with the boat, but the honeymoon's over and we're tired of getting gassed while in the cockpit.
  7. Spindrift NH

    Roller Furling Jib

    I have a Harken Furling system on I believe a 135 Genoa. My questions is do I need to keep a couple of raps around the foil or can I let the sail all of the way out. I ask because when my father had his roller furling installed he was told not to let the sail all of the way out. I have looked...
  8. Spindrift NH

    Another Newbie

    Hello, I am the proud new owner of a 1988 Tall rig, wing keel 30. I have spent the past several months reading this forum and gaining a tremendous amount of great information which helped me purchase what I believe to be the right boat for me. Thank you. Now that I own the boat, I have to move...