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    Check Your GFI's

    Found the GFI plugs not working. I looked at both and found this by the Nav Station. Had to replace all the wires to the GFI's.
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    Anyone installed GX1850

    I'm looking at installing a new vhf system and the Standard horizon GX1850 seams to fit the bill but I would like to know if anyone has used or installed a unit and did it work as to spec.
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    Catalina Rendezvous 2018 Roche Harbor

    Catalina Rendezvous 2018 Roche Harbor May 3-6 Thursday: Roche dock wizards will assist you to the dock if you call in on the VHF on 78 or at phone number 800-586-3590. An attendant will come to register you at your boat for slip fees. Recommend backing in for ease of access on and off your...