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    HR 37...take me out?

    Is there a 37 owner in the US, preferably east coast who'd be willing to take me for a sail? I'm a proud Rasmus owner (20 years) but I'm considering trading up. Thanks!
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    New Rochelle help today, Sunday 10/29

    NEVER MIND. CHANGED PLANS. THANKS! Hi All. A friend heading south is planning to ride out the storm at a marina in New Rochelle. Is the City marina his best choice? Thanks. b t
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    Help: Aqua Signal 40 anchor light LED replacement

    Hi Gang. Been away working for months and now I can finally concentrate on the spring projects. Want to replace the anchor light in my Aqua Signal 40 with the Dr LED replacement. I think I see the one I want -700442 in the Defender Cat...