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    H26 Proposed Reef Configuration

    I was discussing a new reef configuration with Crazy Dave about a month ago, but then was distracted by some motor issues so I will continue here. After reviewing several designs, I am proposing a double reef line configuration for the following reasons: I believe that simple is better, two...
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    H26 Rudder

    Is the rudder on a 1998 H26 solid and can I drill into it? My boat is in a slip and I like to lift the rudder out of the water to keep it clean. It cannot be fully raised using the line on the top of the rudder so I would like to attach a small stainless line about halfway down to make raising...
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    H26 Reef configuration

    I heard Lake Mead is challenging due to the rapid changes in wind speed & direction. Went from 0.8 to 3.9 kts in about 20 secs on Tue. Now I must get serious about reefong. On my H26, the rear reef line runs thru the boom forward, exiting the bottom of the boom. The fwd reef cringles are empty...
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    Honda 9.9 - Is there an oil filter?

    I have a 1997 Honda 9.9 outboard on my 1998 H26. I do not see a canister-type oil filter on the motor. I read the owners manual cover-to-cover and it describes the oil change process but never mentions a filter. Does anyone have a similar motor that can advise?
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    Hunter H26 Where's the ballast pump?

    I can hear the ballast pump when I press the 'manual' switch, but I don't know where it is located. Also, I am assuming that the pump doesn't pump out the water ballast tank, but pumps out a regular ballast area, is that correct?
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    Mystery parts!

    If anyone can help with some parts identification, I would be grateful. First up is a long, somewhat curved pole. My guess is that it was a mast storage support. The crutch delivered with the boat was not original. There are two nice canvas covers, but I don't see anything obvious that they...
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    98 hunter H26 - Add chair?

    I just purchased this boat. It has a wheel and the traveler is mounted above the companionway hatch. It seems to me that a highish seat for this helmsman would be nice to have. The hatch cover over the fuel can is right there. Any advice on whether this is a good idea or feasibility would be...