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    NOXX anti-fouling system

    Ultrasound can be harmful to one's hearing if it's in high enough doses. Not sure how much marine life has ears that are susceptible
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    Hull construction at keelson, O'Day 40

    My 25 is solid glass... and a lot of air pockets
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    How old is this Harken selftailer?

    This looks almost identical to my Harken 32.2 winches. Very simple design under the hood. Mine hadn't been serviced in at least 5 years. Still had a nice click
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    Main hard to raise

    I had the same issue. I cleaned and lubricated the track and lubricated the masthead sheaves. Night and day difference
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    1974 O’Day 20 project

    A few little tips You can tilt the boat with the trailer tongue jack to force the water towards the front or back of the boat You can use a shop vac to suck up water from hard to reach places If you need to stick your hand in the soon to be created access hole, put some tape on the edge so it...
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    RAM mic cable rewire?

    There is coiled cat5 cables available but they of course cost more. If possible, go with stranded wire as it has less of a memory effect. In otherwords, it'll be easier to coil, store, etc.
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    Lifting off trailer?

    What I've done in the past was use a couple of large ratchet straps all the way around the boat and trailer along with some wood as a safety system should something go wrong. In your case I would see if I could get my hands on a couple more tall jacks instead. So once all safety equipment is in...
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    Have you tried contacting one of the local canvas shops for a quote?

    Have you tried contacting one of the local canvas shops for a quote?
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    Lifting off trailer?

    Are those bunks adjustable? Are you able to get a couple more tall jack stands?
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    Lifting off trailer?

    A picture would would greatly help us, help you
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    Lifting off trailer?

    Are you just trying to paint under the bunks? Please take a pic of your setup
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    Paint is peeling EVERYWHERE

    I would guess that one or more previous owners didnt prep properly before painting. I had a PO paint my entire boat with one part topside paint. Getting it off of the bottom was not a fun project. I ended up using Total Boat's stripper and a palm sander. It took quite a while just to do the...
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    12 volt charging at marina

    This end of the marina is like the wild west. They don't seem to care what you do but dont don't expect them to actually fix anything. They're floating docks that require a dinghy to get to
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    12 volt charging at marina

    My dock neighbor did this, not with one cord but multiple 12awg plugged into one another. He did the best he could to seal the connectors. I still shook my head and vowed to never swim in that part of the marina
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    Mast hauling fees

    Chicago Harbors charge around $5-6 per foot. The price list doesn't list if thats the price of the mast or boat. Knowing them it's whichever is greater Michigan City Port Authority charged around 150-200 to step the mast on my little boat. I thought it was a bit steep. They had a crew of about...
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    Mast Raising on a Capri 25

    Those levers that @Hunter216 mentioned are awesome. I had one on the forestay of my last boat along with a PTO pin. It definitely sped things up. My current boat has a mast stepping system built into the trailer. A long steel beam slips into the bow support. I have an electric atv winch mounted...
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    Bimini Wind Effect

    Sounds like you'll get some good MOB practice if that hat goes flying
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    Outboard wedge

    The outboard is tilted due to the angle of the transom. I've adjusted the bracket and outboard to try to make up the difference but it's too great of an angle
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    Mast Raising on a Capri 25

    I never had to adjust my side stays on my last boat that had swept back spreaders. I have to loosen and readjust on my O'Day 25 that has perpendicular spreaders. I use essentially the same setup thats in the pic that was posted. Is your boat in a slip, mooring or trailer? Are there any bridges...
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    Problems with Stepping the mast on my 1998 Hunter 240

    Don't be afraid to call Dave. He's very knowledgeable and is guaranteed to give you a chuckle or at least an entertaining story over the phone