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  1. Boomer54

    Container Ship cuts Minesweeper in two

    Been there done that and I totally agree! It’s even difficult to determine if they are anchored or under way at times. It often looks like sailing into the 7th fleet! Since sailing is a non-contact sport, I give them as much leeway as possible!
  2. Boomer54

    Dealing with difficult guests

    We’ve not had a bad experience yet. We are very careful as to whom we invite and explain to them immediately after the invitation what living on a boat (2-3 days max) is like. Also, as mentioned elsewhere, we only invite one couple at a time to come and stay for a couple days. So far, everyone...
  3. Boomer54

    Vestibular neuritis?

    I had that same illness in 1987. So, I don’t think steroids from that far back would be any good! Basically, a one and done. I have had 3 or 4 instances of severe vertigo though. Treatment for that was Bonine, which we normally have onboard in case a guest gets sea sick. Btw, none of the above...
  4. Boomer54

    Crash. Pray for these people

    Wow, that is a “major imprint”! I am equally impressed with the line and knots used to secure the boat.
  5. Boomer54

    US Coast Guard ATON Survey

  6. Boomer54

    Cleaning bird contributions off of canvas (warning: content may not be suitable for all audiences)

    And it dries like concrete. If you hit it while fresh, it washes right off. If not, concrete. We had one incident where we left the boat to walk to a restaurant and left a hatch open below the spreaders. A cormorant landed on a spreader over the open hatch. A dock mate scared it off before it...
  7. Boomer54

    Wednesday is Photoday!! I miss a good squall. Do you get them out on the water?

    “And didn’t dry out for three days”! I was in one similar but I found when it was over, I only had half a bottle of vodka. I dried out in one day.
  8. Boomer54

    Legendary Libations

    Something simple, ie Vodka Tonic, rum and Coke. Sundays are Blues and Bloody Marys!
  9. Boomer54

    What could this be for?

    Oh that’s easy, you need a spinnaker!
  10. Boomer54

    Remember the Sun Screen

    Same here, only I grew a “horn” out of my ear love. Carved out, determined it was squamous cell carcinoma. Had to go back in for a mohs (sp) procedure. Have a nice notch in my ear lobe. I now wear a brimmed hat and sunscreen on my ears, nose and face.
  11. Boomer54

    Sailboat Beauty Pageant

    Here’s a few
  12. Boomer54

    Sailing Boom... and we don't mean your spar

    In my area, more boats still on the hard. Marina itself is about the same due to Illinois harbors being closed for some time and a few other harbors damaged due to high water.
  13. Boomer54

    Bilge burden

    Both a/c units condensation lines drain to the bilge so keeping it dry rarely happens. I hose it out monthly. I do dry it out in the spring and fall. MH37 is the boat btw.
  14. Boomer54

    It's still Wednesday...Photo Day...which appears to be on life support

    How about a submarine in the Mediterranean!
  15. Boomer54

    Bow thruster not working on 2015 Hunter Marlow 37

    There are a few “pop out” fuses on the side of the Nav Table seat, ie where the battery selector is. Our thruster is tied into one of them. You have to look close to tell the difference in the pop out phase.
  16. Boomer54

    Embarrassment of cringes

    Docking gone bad. No photos! I just had bow thrusters installed. Backing into slip with some wind. She’s version is I wound up nicely perpendicular to the finger dock looking like a cruise ship. What actually happened was an overzealous bow line yankee combined with (unknown to me at the...
  17. Boomer54

    Newbie, needs some guidance

    And take video please!
  18. Boomer54

    Anyone who doesn't post a photo today, will be barred from SBO.

    Splashing today. Ready to head to the lift!
  19. Boomer54

    Have Ye Ever Wished To Be a Pirate?

    Does using Napster in its early days count??
  20. Boomer54

    What do they call the wind?

    Breaking wind.