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  1. Whatfiero1

    Hunter 30 T - companion-way step removal from engine box?

    You just remove 2 screws in bulkhead and they lift out no screw just steel dowels
  2. Whatfiero1

    Anyone Remove their Hood Furler Drive Unit?

    Top then pull clam out
  3. Whatfiero1

    Anyone Remove their Hood Furler Drive Unit?

    To get the bottom off just drum and line furl section you gonna have to slack Headstay and pull pin but you can leave track standing
  4. Whatfiero1

    Anyone Remove their Hood Furler Drive Unit?

    1st remove sail loosen backstay and slack rig slightly uppers mostly. on the bow (pull boat bow in at dock ) if in water hang the umbrella trick or put your ding on front boat to catch anything. pull jib and spin halyards real tight on nose and pull main haylard down too. remove the original...
  5. Whatfiero1

    Repairing plywood bulkhead

    I had one like that rotten in places dug out rot and just used what's left as core and remade in place with glass and mat probably spent more than cutting out but now it's all white and no way it could rot again as its 60% glass
  6. Whatfiero1

    Evaluating feathering Prop on 37 ft. Hunter

    Boats point better with a folding or feathering prop
  7. Whatfiero1

    Wire Size to Bus Bar?

    Every tapp from battery and from buss bar has to be fused or over current protection (circuit breaker) I'd suggest a fuse or small circuit breaker panel with a 30amp main and #10 wire off battery
  8. Whatfiero1

    Should I replace my old Yanmar motor mounts with OEMs or a newer design?

    Remove mounts one at a time and note any shims under them set new next to old on flat surface and using a small level set up to match existing settings. if new style doesn't adjust to same heights then you made a bad choice
  9. Whatfiero1

    Post Process After Soda Blasting Bottom

    For the cast iron keel I used osphoric acid to prep the steel prior to the epoxy paint install. read the spec on painting times and temperature it needs to be followed for good adhesion
  10. Whatfiero1

    26X speed when loaded

    If you want speed in a sailboat get a melges 24. If you want speed under power get a power boat
  11. Whatfiero1

    Need references for obtaining boat insurance for a Catalina 36.

    Progressive will insure sight unseen geico boat us. formost want a survey
  12. Whatfiero1

    Yanmar 3GM30F tough starting (runs well)

    Injectors definitely clogged exhaust only causes overheating I only open sea cock 1/2 on cold starts then open all way after engine running
  13. Whatfiero1

    Upgrading line clutches H34

    I really like garhuser because you can keep adding to it without having to install bunch separate units and all aluminum and stainless parts
  14. Whatfiero1

    Code Zero on a Hunter 376

    I dont think a code 0 will do much more than installing largest genoa that will fit on boat
  15. Whatfiero1

    picking a new sail - help

    You may not race but still nice to have speed when you need to get somewhere and carbon really improve going to windward
  16. Whatfiero1

    Lines - how to determine if what I have is junk or okay

    That purple line looks questionable to me almost looks like a hardware store line. Yea cut 4" off and check core if there's not another brade of rope under there move to garage as a handy tie stuff up rope in back truck or something other than boat
  17. Whatfiero1

    Mounting turning block to the base of the mast

    Thru bolted best with backing plate
  18. Whatfiero1

    Coolant Smoke or more?

    Keep the key on the sea cock. Best plan
  19. Whatfiero1

    New Boat Owner Help

    I would think the same hydraulic trailer that set it there could pick up and bring to you. Or any hydraulic transport trailer