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    guppy 13 d new bimini

    the guppy, shrimp has a new bimini, used when electric motoring, impressive sailboat for it's size, new to me, safe well built, fun sailor.
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    guppy 13 d furler install

    weathers great sailing is fun, got my furler installed, here are some pictures. i had an old sail i cut down to fit the new drum furler works great easy in and out. will find someone to take my picture on the lake, have fun only.
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    My best offshore blue water cruise part 2

    Wind, sails, tiller pilot, and sailboat are steady for days on end, i'm very happy temps about 80 degrees day and night, I know now what sailing is all about, no sighting better, Wind lightens we pull up the reacher she sails with pleasure, one crystal clear night i come out for my watch, some...
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    My best offshore blue water cruise part1

    Sailed on a friday, cold early morning,averaging 20kts + southwest heading large confused seas, i was very cold light rain first nights i slept with all my clothes on, deck shoes,lee cloth over me No heater, we sailed on this heading for about 100 miles. One night on my watch cold and pissed...
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    guppy 13 d furler

    hello, getting ready to install a garage made roller furler made from Joel's plans, as soon as it stops raining. it will be 5 inches back from head stay, 18 inches from mast head on a hound, will try sewing a wire into head sail. cheers Joel's Navigator Site: How to build a roller furler...
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    guppy 13 "d" more up grades

    hello, decided to add some fair leaders for the front dock lines also some rub strakes for front and back cleats
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    Make your own sailboat parts

    hello, i decided i needed some dock line rub strakes for my sailboat, i had a piece of 1 inch stainless steel tubing and would try make some strakes I marked the tubing with a marker, used a angle grinder and a thin blade to cut them out Bench grinder to clean them up and polish bend the ends...
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    guppy 13 "D" new deck layout

    hello, finished installing turning blocks and clam cleats on the guppy's deck look good work good.
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    guppy 13 tiller extension

    i made this tiller extension using a 5/8 hard wood dowel, 1 inch x 1 inch aluminum channel, i thru bolted a 1/4 bolt in tiller left it a little lose for it to swivel, works great cheep
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    guppy 13 D mast shoe

    working on deck lines, and fitting. i tapped into my mast shoe with some #10 x 24 machine screws, so could add blocks for both my main halyard, and jib halyard, will be adding turning blocks and clam cleats.
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    guppy 13 up grade

    the stern where the the rub rail rubber comes together the rubber was separating, i found a piece of 1 inch by 1 inch aluminium channel which fit perfect over the rub rail, was able to thru bolted it. to hold the rubber from shrinking more
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    guppy 13 mast head

    hello, i redesigned the mast head on my guppy 13 D i replaced the sheaves and 5/16 bushing with copper ones. and added 1/4 pins for head stay, back stay, topping lift, new blocks for head sail halyard, and topping lift line. much better.