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  1. Charles Erwin


    How to change cutless on a boat with no strut? Options: remove stern tube altogether? Remove shaft? Erwin
  2. Charles Erwin

    Morning at Lopez Is

    Yesterday’s rains now a memory. Morning airplane at Fisherman’s Bay. Lopez Is.
  3. Charles Erwin

    Sucia sunrise

    BC fire smoke nearly gone
  4. Charles Erwin

    Anacortes Today

    BC fires - and smoke at Anacortes
  5. Charles Erwin

    Blind Bay Today

  6. Charles Erwin

    Eagle Harbor Today

  7. Charles Erwin

    Raw Water Pump Seal - Yanmar GM series

    Vendors in my area do not have the water seal in the right size for these pumps. The measurements are the standard 10 25 7. Two questions: Does anyone have a source - I will settle for a carbon steel garter spring? Alternatively, can someone find a source with stainless garter spring? Any...
  8. Charles Erwin


    Need advice/recommendation for folding collapsible cart to fetch groceries from market to boat when cruising. Charles
  9. Charles Erwin

    Northstar TPPL Charge Profile

    I have looked over the internet published documents (without success) to get this information. Can anyone point me to a lead on these values? Charles
  10. Charles Erwin


    Several years sailing hoping to have opportunity to get picture for everyone on SBO to enjoy. So here is a sample of what we - sometimes - get to see in the Puget Sound country. Charles
  11. Charles Erwin

    Boat Beacon

    This little program is pretty OK. Need my MMSI for one of the functions but I forgot my MMSI and if I wrote it down cannot remember where I wrote it down. So - how does one retrieve one's MMSI? Charles
  12. Charles Erwin

    UofW SeaGrant Marine Corrosion Workshop

    If you have any appetite for this kind of stuff and you are located proximate to the conference site then here is a good deal. Marine Corrosion Protection Workshop, Seattle Protect your propeller and mind your metals, from aluminum to zinc. Washington Sea Grant and the Port of Seattle...
  13. Charles Erwin

    Winterizing a seawater cooled motor

    We have a lot of advice about how to winterize heat exchanger (fresh water cooled) motors. For example, MaineSail has given excellent advice if your motor is equiped with a heat exchanger No so much for those who have seawater...
  14. Charles Erwin

    Traveler trim but no traveler?

    On my boat the main sheet leads off the very aft end of the boom, there is a plenty powerful vang tackle, but there is no traveler. As it stands now it is difficult to center the boom absent considerable main-sheet tension -- and generally when it is time for "traveler up" or "traveler...
  15. Charles Erwin

    Spinnaker furlers

    I use my asymmetric whenever I can and since I am in light wind country that is pretty often. I do not use a snuffer and I do not have a spinnaker crane so the sail gybes exactly the same as a standard hanked on headsail - behind the headstay. So far all fun and no problems...
  16. Charles Erwin

    Zinc changing season is coming

    Our interest turns to new zincs (properly anodes). Opinions please. 1. Do we clean/polish the shaft (or the shaft nut ) where we intend to fasten the new zinc? 2. Do we use anti-seize compound between the zinc and the shaft (or shaft nut) mounting surfaces? If so...
  17. Charles Erwin

    Zincs and Corrision

    For those interested in the subject : Gig Harbor Workshop to Address Boat Corrosion Saturday, Feb. 23, 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Gig Harbor BoatShop at Eddon Boatyard 3805 Harborview Dr., Gig Harbor Washington Sea Grant and the Gig Harbor BoatShop at Eddon Boatyard are co-sponsoring...
  18. Charles Erwin

    Control lines lead aft - An engineering/design exercise.

    Assume you have to design and fabricate: 2 - double sheave blocks for boom downhaul tackle. 1 - double sheave block for a mast base turning block. 1 - single sheave turning block for the main outhaul tackle. 1 - triple sheave deck organizer. As many shackles as necessary to fasten these items...
  19. Charles Erwin

    What is a "fully charged" battery?

    In order to have relaible information from any battery monitor, one needs to know when the battery is "fully charged." AmplePower defines “fully charged” as battery voltage 14.4v., charging amps 2% of the 20hr rate, but they do not specify how long these values must exist. Victron defines “fully...