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    Outboard wedge

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could measure how far out the top and bottom of their outboard wedge sticks out? Trying to figure out the correct angle. It's a bit difficult to determine when I'm unsure if any surface of the boat is actually level
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    To screw or not to screw?

    The title of this really should be "To thread or not to thread" but this gets a bit more attention. Anyways, my tongue extension is a rectangular steel tube that slides inside of the tongue. I designed it to have some plastic inside the tongue. This acts to fill in the gaps between the...
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    Oscillating Tool vs 5200

    Man this stuff sucks! I'm in the middle of a rebedding project and pulled out six out of the eight attachment points for the cabin top handrails. The last two wont budge at all with the plastic pry tool I've been using. I've seen a number of people mention a scraper blade with an oscillating...
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    Reapplying gelcoat

    I've read multiple articles about refinishing gelcoat. Unfortunately they sometimes contradict each other so I was hoping someone could clear up some basic questions for me I've read that gelcoat is simply pigmented resin yet I'm pretty sure I've seen it sold in a one part mixture If gelcoat...
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    When should standing rigging be replaced?

    I've read that standing rigging should be replaced anywhere from 10 all the way up to 20 years and also simply based on condition. My boat has been in fresh water all its life. To the best of my knowledge it hasn't had a trailer until last year so the mast was up through the winter. Most recent...
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    Replacement winch line

    I use a 2500lbs ATV winch to step and unstep my mast at the beginning and end of the season. It's easy work for the winch and I was able to do the job with a little 7A battery a couple of weeks ago. The 50' steel winch line is kinked in a few places and is contributing to jams. I'd like to...
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    How much pump should a pump pump?

    My boat has an OMC saildrive that is awesome when it works. The PO got tired of priming the fuel system and installed an electric pump that runs continuously whenever the the key is in the run position. He had power at his dock, I don't. So in an effort to conserve battery power I was thinking...
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    Trailer Jack Rating

    I forgot to flip up my trailer jack and as you can imagine some interesting things happened. Luckily what was left of it served its purpose for haul out. My boat is approximately 5500lbs. The boat has been moved forward on the trailer for more tongue weight and as a result the jack is 3-4' aft...
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    Water pouring out of exhaust!

    In the never ending saga of issues with this boat I finally got my inboard working tonight. I was very happy to report that it fired up on the first crank after rebuilding the carb. The one unusual thing was the shear amount of water that was coming out of exhaust. It was comparable to a garden...
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    Roll that beautiful blue furler!

    The spool on my furler would always fill up too soon and then jam. Earlier this week I pulled about 10' more core out of the 5/16" line and repositioned one of the blocks right in front of the furler to try to get it to distribute the line evenly. Previously it would all pile on the bottom...
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    EVA Foam Floors

    My dock neighbor just installed some foam flooring. It looks and feels great. Does anyone have any long term experience with this material? How hard and how much of a mess is it if it needs to be removed?
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    She's creaking at 40

    I'm starting to get a bit of delamination in a couple of high traffic areas. Would adding a teak step pad help to delay the inevitable fiberglass repair? Would adding some fiberglass to the underside help? I will do a proper repair when I have some more time
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    Things are about to get tight...

    One of my sidestay turnbuckles is having issues with the threads. I figured now is a good time to replace all of them. What kind of SWL should I look for for the inner and outer stays? My O'Day uses 5/32" wire to give you an idea of the loads
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    Routing fuel line through transom

    After moving my motor mount I have two holes left open. I'm using those to route my lines through the transom for my outboard. What fittings would you suggest to accomplish a clean installation? There's 1.5" of wood behind the fiberglass. Both holes are 1/2". I would prefer it if I didn't have...
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    I want to charge a 12v battery with a 12v battery so I can have 12v

    I use a trolling motor on my dinghy because it's fun. I typically use a small 7 amp gel cell because its very portable. It's enough for 1-3 days. I'd like to charge it off of my car. Would a solar charge controller work for this purpose? I'm not looking for anything fancy since these batteries...
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    Oh snap! It snapped!

    I'm convinced this boat is cursed but that's a topic for another day. One of the stays got caught when we were stepping the mast and ripped a spreader from the mast. I was originally going to throughbolt both spreaders with long screws but the first one snapped when I tightened it down so I...
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    Will this go boom?

    I have a friend that's pushing me to store my vintage gas tank in the lazarette. Seems like this would vent fumes into the boat when it warms up. Is it safe to store it in a semi enclosed space? The one below is pretty close to what I'm using for the time being
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    Preventing spider cracks around motor mount

    I've seen a few boats with some pretty nasty spider cracks around the motor mount. I was thinking about putting some 1/8" plastic between the mount and transom. Thoughts?
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    Awww Snap! It leaked!

    I charged a battery a couple of days ago. Took it off the charger yesterday morning. I came back this morning and found a puddle on the ground. After a bit of searching I found liquid around the negative battery terminal. I assume this battery is shot? Odd thing is that my tester says state of...
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    O'Day 25 Main Cabin Windows

    I'm looking for some fixed main cabin windows for an O'Day 25 - Primarily the starboard aft window. I'm guessing windows off of other models will work as well. Please let me know what you have available