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  1. K

    Bedsheets for oceanis 45

    does anyone have the dimensions for the mattresses in the three berths of the 45 or where did you purchase your linens. Thanks for any help
  2. K

    Catalina 350 bow thruster

    Recently moved boat to charleston. Sometimes difficult maneuvering in and out of slip. Considering adding bow thruster. Anyone have experience with this on this size boat? Is v-berth water tank in the way? What brand and size? Expected cost? Any help appreciated
  3. K

    catalina charters

    Does anyone know if there are any catalina yachts chartered in the BVIs or USVIs? Thanks
  4. K

    catalina 350 shower

    has anyone had to replace the shower faucet hose on their 350? if you have,where did you get the hose. Thanks!! christine #2
  5. K

    sea era

    peggy, can you explain the difference in the sea water and the pressurized fresh water versions of the SeaEra toilet? Thanks!!
  6. K

    electric toilet

    to the head mistress we have an inoperable wilcox "newport" in our catalina 350. we have decided to replace with a different brand. we would like a quieter toilet than the newport. what do you suggest? we have looked at the raritan seaera, pheII, or groco. would probably like the...
  7. K

    catalina 350 marine toilet

    Peggy, can you give me any advise about my toilet not working. It is a newport electric model. intake works fine but discharge doesn't. don't think it is a clog but could be. I don't quite understand about a possible impeller malfunction and the cotton pin. can you help? Thanks
  8. K

    catalina 350- swim ladder

    some how when we were on the lake yesterday our cushion tips were lost off of our swim ladder. does anyone know the size of the tips? one inch? we didn't measure while we were there and would like to purchase the correct size without have to go back to the boat to measure. thanks!!
  9. K

    350 halyards

    has anyone had any problems with slippage of the halyards in the rope clutches? we have had our boat about three years and it has increasingly become more of a problem. presently we are going to replace halyards with larger size. thanks for any comments.
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    outhaul on 350

    Can anyone help with this? Do Catalina 350s have an internal or external outhaul system. I became curious after reading Don Guillette's Sail Trim Users Guide. Which is excellent. Thanks!