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  1. Boomer54

    MH37 Aft A/C drain

    I have a 2014 MH37. According to the Owners Manual, the aft unit (in the aft cabin) is supposed to drain in the bilge. The spot where the manual shows it entering the bilge is not where it actually enters. In fact, I cannot find where it does actually drain! I can trace the drain tube from the...
  2. Boomer54

    Basic Battery Question

    I bought a dinghy this summer from a friend. It is a nice AB RIB center console with a 20hp Tohatsu. It has a start battery. I think (hope) my question is very basic. When I had a motorcycle and a car that I did not drive in the winter, I put each one on a battery maintainer over the winter...
  3. Boomer54

    Be wary rafting to Canada

    it seems a rather large group of rafts, tubes and dinghys from the US caused an international incident!