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  1. buddybear

    Replacing Danfoss 101N0210 with 101N0212

    Having fridge issues and will replace the 101N0210 module, which is discontinued with the 101N0212. I don't think this one has a heat sink. Has anyone had issues with the 101N0212. Thanks, Mark
  2. buddybear

    Oberdorfer N202M-908 Pump leaking

    Changed out the Sherwood pump for the recommended Oberdorfer N202-908 in 2017 Have Hull#57 2001 The first pump made it for 675 hours then leaked the new replacement pump leaked at 256 hrs. What has anyone seen for the longevity of these pumps before they start to leak. Both of these pumps were...
  3. buddybear

    Repace toggle on schaefer 2100 furler

    I had posted a previous topic about the corroded toggle for my furler. I am now ready to replace it. When I took everything apart, I let the furler extrusions slide down the headstay. The directions state to attach the jib halyard just under the feeder to prevent this from happening, I guess I...
  4. buddybear

    Broken fitting holding roller furling to deck

    A fellow boater on our dock pointed out the broken fitting for the roller furling. I had never noticed this and do not know when it happened. It is a schaeffer fitting and I will check into a replacement. Has anyone had a similar situation. I will need to drop the roller furling a few feet to...
  5. buddybear

    Changing Fuel Filters

    I have changed the fuel filters on my catalina 310 numerous times. I am familiar with how to do it, but have a new issue. Normally I close both valves on the tank one would be for the supply to the engine and the other for the return. Since the engine is gravity fed from the fuel tank if the...
  6. buddybear

    Rebuild water pump

    Recently changed out the stock Sherwood water pump on the Universal 25XPB with the Oberdorfer N202M-908. After 675 hrs it started leaking at the weep holes, bought another pump since we were in the Bahamas and installed it everything OK. Looking at rebuilding the failing pump, there are 2 seals...
  7. buddybear

    Brown sludge in overflow tank

    Have hull#57 with 25xpb engine. Recently noticed brown sludge in the bottom of the antifreeze expansion tank. Has anyone had a similar issue? Could it be rust? See attached picture Thanks, Mark
  8. buddybear

    Installing in Hull Depth Transducer

    Thinking about installing an in hull depth transducer. I have read the install specs and it states that the hull must be solid glass and no more then 5/8" thick. I know the hull is solid glass but not the thickness. Does anyone know what the hull thickness is? I am sure it varies for different...
  9. buddybear

    Connecting the depth info from a Raymarine ST60 to a Garmin GPSMAP 441s chatplotter

    Trying to send the data from the ST60 Tridata to a Garmin GPSMAP 441S chartplotter. I have read the manuals and it seems it is possible. I need to purchase a E85001 cable to transfer via Seatalk to nmea 0183 output which can then be wired to the Garmin nmea 0183 input. Has anyone done this. My...
  10. buddybear

    Glow Plugs Type A panel

    Have hull#57 the engine instrument panel is not the Admiral or Captain panel as in the operators manual. The panel is called Type "A" High Efficiency Panel and the engine model is M25XBPC. From what I have researched C in the model# refers to the Instrument Panel. My question is being in Florida...
  11. buddybear

    Changing Impeller Oberdorfer Pump N202M-908

    Have Hull# 57 Catalina 310 recently switched out the Stock Sherwood pump on the Universal 25XPBC with the Oberdorfer N202M-908. When I did the first impeller change the shaft came out of the pump with the impeller attached. Is this normal? There is a circlip which must be removed to take the...
  12. buddybear

    Balmar MC-614 Alternator Temp Sense

    Recently installed the alt and battery temp sensor ran engine and checked the display on the regulator it states that neither one is connected checked the wiring it is correct any suggestions on why it doesn't read. Thanks, Mark
  13. buddybear

    Battery Charger fusing

    Preparing to install Pro mariner Pronautic 40 amp battery charger. Went to purchase a 50 amp fuse for the inline fuse holder which was I think original equipment for the Charles charger. Found out that the 50 amp fuse will not fit in the fuse holder. Are ANL fuses my only choice. Thanks for any...
  14. buddybear

    Engine Ground

    I see in the wiring schematic where the engine is grounded but cannot physically find it, anyone know where it is? Thanks, Mark
  15. buddybear

    Coolant Leak

    Have been doing multiple jobs on the boat. Disconnected the discharge hose from the raw water pump to the heat exchanger to work on the alternator. I have been losing coolant in the overflow reservoir. When I went to connect the hose back to the water pump noticed that coolant was in the hose...
  16. buddybear

    Battery Charger Replacement

    Looking to replace my old battery charger. Have been looking at the Promariner PronauticP series. Has anyone installed one in the same place the original charger was installed, cockpit portside. Will probably go with the 40Amp model. House bank is 450 Amps. Thanks, Mark
  17. buddybear

    Rudder hitting bottom of Hull

    When I was in the Islands this year I checked the position of the rudder when I was underwater. I had my wife turn the wheel all the way to port then all the way to starboard. I noticed that the back part of the rudder hit the bottom of the hull. I didn't check if the rudder stop was all the way...
  18. buddybear

    bilge pump

    Does anyone know how the bilge pump is wired to the batteries. My question is with the Perko switch on the panel turned to off the bilge pump will still work as stated on the panel. I am replacing the batteries and do not see any extra wires running to them other then the alternator and AC...
  19. buddybear

    Wanting to Install T105 6 Volt Batteries

    Just checking to see if anyone has installed 6 volt batteries, did some measurements and it looks like they would fit. My plan is to put 4 6volt and 1 12 volt for my starting battery. Thanks, Mark
  20. buddybear

    Panel Voltmeter

    Has anyone found a digital replacement for the analog panel voltmeter, the one which has the red yellow green colors. I am looking to replace it with a digital one which would fit in that cutout. Thanks, Mark S/V Sweet Pea