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  1. cb32863

    Oh, one more thing.....

    A few weeks before haul out, Rachel got promoted to Admiral. And yes, we literally tied the knot, though I coached her wrong initially and it was a "granny" My best friend since high school was my Best Man and @Jackdaw was right next to him. Not everything in 2020 has been a sh*t show. lol
  2. cb32863

    End of the Season

    And that's the end of the 2020 season. We didn't race at all this year due to my underlying conditions and Seeker being a small boat. We sailed about 2-3 times a month, which, is not enough of course. But, I did get a ton of things done; New 12v DC Electrical Panel. Including battery area...
  3. cb32863


    After @Jackdaw showed me how he made his lazy jacks last year, and how easy it was, I put together a splicing kit and have finally gotten to doing some. I bought a bunch of Dyneema when APS exited and started futsing about. I made a couple new lines for my boom vang. A couple of lock splices in...
  4. cb32863

    First 235 Winch Swap

    So it seemed that no matter what I did, my port Lewmar 16ST winch was a bit "grabby". Wouldn't spin unless you put some force to it. Sometimes it was fine, others not so much. 2 years ago I took advantage of the now defunct, maybe it will come back., BOGO sale between Lewmar and West Marine on...
  5. cb32863

    Checking more off the list

    Got the shore power install done, and nothing smoked or popped. Might wire in the charger, might leave it. Definitely not a priority decision right now. Also go the VHF base unit in with the RAM mic. Going to have to take a break from crawling around inside for a while as my leg needs to heal...
  6. cb32863

    Remember the Sun Screen

    Yesterday I had he remnants of a 4mm Melanoma in Situ removed from my right calf. I must admit that I wasn't applying the sun screen as often as one should before going out sailing, especially when we were racing. It was odd that it was on my leg and not on my overly burned nose and cheeks but...
  7. cb32863

    Tiller Boat Cockpit Table

    Really would like a nice folding cockpit table for my 235 for when we are on the hook that we can "sit at". All you tiller boaters, what do you use? I have been Googling and there are a multitude of options but, want to know what you are using. Would want it to be wood as well, cause it looks...
  8. cb32863

    Making Donations

    We have been out on the boat 3 times in the last seven days. Not too bad considering it has been pretty windless and hotter than the surface of the sun as of late. After we got home a week ago Sunday, I couldn't find the hand held VHF. Have yet to install the base unit.... Anyway, searched the...
  9. cb32863

    Beneteau Closing Marion SC Plant

    COVID hits another business. My 235 was built there. Sad to see it happen.
  10. cb32863

    Electrical Moving Forward

    So if any of you recall, my last thread on my electrical situation was a headbanger. Come to find out, Beneteau USA did that tape thing.... thanks guys. Anyway... I have now completed my 12v DC upgrade. I did not rip out and rerun wire due to how it was installed. PITA factor 15. I do now have...
  11. cb32863

    Why I ask you, WHY!?

    Some back story first. I have been adding the screens for my i50/i70 instrumentation. I went out to the boat on Saturday to wire things up. Of note, last year when I moved my compass to the other side of the boat, I pulled of the headliner down to drill the hole and found a pair of red and black...
  12. cb32863

    Been a busy May

    With racing put on hold until further notice, I have kept Seeker on the hard, aka driveway, for the month of May. The positive of this is that I have been able to get a bunch done that I have been wanting to get done the last few years. New flicker as the current was too short, new speed & depth...
  13. cb32863

    US Sailing Vid

    Nice video, 5 minutes, from US Sailing. Sure, its a little geared towards racing but, getting the kids involved young, seeing some of theses kids passion for the sport at a young age is what is really great. Though, there is the one kid that thinks 40 is old....
  14. cb32863

    Big boat on the hard San Diego

    We were out in San Diego over the new year and the place we got on a RHIB to go whale watching, Drisoll Marina San Diego, had this big guy on the hard. All I could find out is that "a rich guy sponsors it for racing". Well yeah.... lol Anyway, wondering if anybody out there knows the scoop on...
  15. cb32863

    Boats of the Year

    Cruising World & Sail magazines have their pics for 2019. Pretty much the same boats between them. Personally, I have been eyeing the Oceanis 30.1 since it came out. Just need a spare $160K...
  16. cb32863

    Mounting Platismo Mini Contest Compass

    I am moving my compass to the other side if the boat as my i50/i60 screens are going there. The PO "mounted" it with adhesive caulk which, came off easily enough thankfully. So there are no nylon bolts for it. I am thinking they are #6 from my attempts to size the hole with a gauge. Can someone...
  17. cb32863

    Battery Cable Color (?)

    After moving my battery to the other side of the boat I realized I have now undersized the cable. Mind you, I do not use battery all that much as I mainly race during the daylight and do not as of yet have instrumentation installed. I read some info in a previous post that I should be using...
  18. cb32863

    Horse shoe buoy

    I have one I had on my old O'Day and for some reason kept when I sold it. Free plus shipping. Ping me through here.
  19. cb32863

    Small World

    So this past Saturday Rachel and I were walking up to the path at a city lake, Calhoun/Bde Maka Ska. It is a small lake with a sailing center and boats on mooring balls. Even a Catalina 27. As we are walking to the birthday party I look at the docks and I see a sail with the number 7173 on it. I...
  20. cb32863

    Heck oh a weekend

    Had the Women's Around the Island race on Saturday. Cindy had never driven before but, I talked her through all the maneuvers. I trimmed main and Mario trimmed the head sail and spinnaker. We nailed the start in first and never lost the lead. My first win racing my boat!!! This is us on the...