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  1. Justin_NSA

    Boat graphics

    I was going to replace my worn out boat name graphics on the stern. I defaulted to BoatUS and laid it out on their designer. The bill comes to a little over $200! It's "Bella Luna" in 8" tall letters. Is that typical? Is there a less expensive place? Maybe I need to wait for a sale. Word to the...
  2. Justin_NSA

    Is this config acceptable?

    I was looking for a place to install my 10" water filter assembly and I came across this original install for my twin galley sinks. Other than probably replacing the PVC elbow connected to the thru-hull valve, do you see anything wrong with this setup? Mostly, does it need the "trap" seen below...
  3. Justin_NSA

    New tool :)

    This little to-do has been on the back of my mind: Been meaning to safety-wire the hardware on my transmission coupling to help prevent anything from vibrating loose. I have a wire-worthy project or two around the house too. I haven't used these since my hitch in the Marines over 40 years ago...
  4. Justin_NSA

    Potable water tank access panel

    Can't seem to find the discussion on this. After I cleaned the sludge out of the intake side screen on the water pump, I thought I better get inside my tank and clean it out. My tank is plastic. I have a 4" hole saw. Can I just fasten a round 4" access panel to the top of the tank? What should I...
  5. Justin_NSA

    What is it? Toilet supply line...

    I should know this but still unsure. It's inline between the raw water thru hull and the toilet. It has a cap. I open it and see water, but that's all. No labelling. Is it a filter? Check valve? Just wondering if it needs to be serviced or if it's a consumable part that should be replaced...
  6. Justin_NSA

    Source new 1 1/2" Ell and pipe

    Plumbing fitment always gets the better of me. OD, ID, thread pattern, etc. I'm hoping someone knows what part(s) I need for my new project. This off season, I am replacing any PVC connecting to my thru-valves with approved Forespar 93 series (?) Marelon, starting with this sanitation line. It...
  7. Justin_NSA

    Lowrance map compatibility

    I broke the mounting bracket on my ancient Lowrance Globalmap 1600. I want to replace it with something newer and faster. It has an external GPS antenna input and a separate proprietary NMEA connector. I can't seem to find a direct replacement GPS map unit. Any ideas what will plug in? I don't...
  8. Justin_NSA

    Another discovery during winterization

    This is the screen from the filter assembly on the input side of the fresh water pump. It was disgusting! Not sure where this black crud comes from. It hosed out easy enough. I have a feeling that some things have never been checked on Bella before. Now it's on my list for regular inspection...
  9. Justin_NSA

    winterization/routine maintenance project complete!

    I don't know why, but I'm feeling really proud of myself. I was able to flush and fill the freshwater, aka heat exchange closed loop system coolant on my Hunter's Yanmar 2GM20F. I had no idea when it was done last. Not in the few years I've owned her. I did a lot of researching here on SBO of...
  10. Justin_NSA

    Laura. Routes?

    We don't leave for Wichita until Saturday, but we're trying to choose the safest route from Destin FL. We came by way of Dallas, Jackson MS, and Mobile AL, but that is probably obstructed now. A more northern route may have heavy rain. Right now it's wait and see. If anyone has good intel...
  11. Justin_NSA

    Winterizing question already?

    Based on some research I have done, I've decided to install an inline water filter on the pressurized side of the supply line. I'm pretty sure I'll go with the Pentek 158648 housing. So how does one winterize a plumbing system that has one of these? I admit, I didn't check my copy of Peggy's...
  12. Justin_NSA

    Regs clarification. Need input

    If you were you going to specify what constitutes an authorized shore power cable, how would it read? Do you have you own the marina book verbiage? We'd like to make it as clear as possible what meets NEC marine requirements. Their description isn't that clear unless you are an electrician.
  13. Justin_NSA

    Adding some bling to the cockpit. Have a question.

    I need to replace my old cockpit speakers anyway, but I wanted to check before I take my saw to it. I saw LED lighted speakers at West Marine. They look cool to me but very expensive. I found these Infinity marine speakers for a fraction of WM's cost. These are 8" speakers . Mine are 6.5" . The...
  14. Justin_NSA

    Waste discharge pump. Better luck this time

    Let's hope 3rd time is a charm as they say. My records show that the boat came with a Jabsco. I see some extra holes on the bulkhead. What I just replaced was a Whale. Now I have a Guzzler. Even though clocking the handle takes a little bit more work, it doesn't have the single point of failure...
  15. Justin_NSA

    Need a durable cockpit cushion material

    We have a full set of BottomSiders cockpit cushions and I hate them. They looked cool when we bought the boat, boat's name on them and all. They are too delicate for a cockpit. We paid once already to have a friend's dog cuts repaired . Now they have new holes. :cuss: I want to have some covers...
  16. Justin_NSA

    APS is going out of business

    First they dropped all of their marine hardware and focused on wearables. The pandemic has killed them. This was in an email - APS Liquidation Sale | 30% OFF It is with much sadness that we are announcing the permanent closing of APS. Unfortunately, we are unable to bear the burden of the...
  17. Justin_NSA

    Tread safely

    Anyone accident prone like me? My wife shared a subtle hint. She showed me these "indestructible" shoes. interesting video here -
  18. Justin_NSA

    Are you on your last boat?

    I think I am. Bella Luna meets all our needs. The admiral loves her. We're both in our mid 60's and I predict, barring a catastrophe, that this boat will serve us until I can no longer serve her. The boat that is. Serving the admiral is a given.
  19. Justin_NSA

    CO alarm problem (?)

    I installed a new Kidde CO monitor last Fall. Up to now it has been silent and the readout has been 0.0. Saturday I worked on the boat. Never started the engine. The alcohol stove is empty. Never heard a peep from the alarm. I closed up when home. Came back later in the day with the admiral. We...
  20. Justin_NSA

    Big bird strikes again. Windvane

    We were out sailing Friday and I was noticing that my Raymarine wind direction instrument was all over the place. The trusty Windex was fine. When we got back to the slip and I could get a good angle on the masthead, I noticed my vane was missing the rear half. We had some high winds but I'm...