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  1. Mikem

    Good Read

    Thanks. I will look for that. The rescue in this book is covered very well and in great detail. A a retired Navy Helo pilot who has rescued (and recovered) folks in good weather and bad I read it with white knuckles. Also having conducted night flight ops during Hurricane David in the North...
  2. Mikem

    My Penobscot Archipelago.

    Well said and documented. I think the same of our great pacific north west. Puget Sound, Hood Canal, San Juan Islands and British Columbia. On a sparkling clear day one is entranced by the breathtaking beauty of the pristine waters of Puget Sound, the mesmerizing sight of crystal clear deep...
  3. Mikem

    Good Read

    The book was published in 2013 and some of you may have already read, “The Gathering Wind, Hurricane Sandy, the Sailing Ship Bounty and a Courageous Rescue at Sea.” I remember pictures on this forum of the Bounty engineering spaces and they were atrocious. Great read and highly recommended.
  4. Mikem

    Ice Chest Insulation

    Remove the drawers then the drawer frame...should be a screw in each corner of the frame. The frame may or may not be a tight fit but it will come out. You then have access to the inboard side, rear and top of the ice box. You should be able to slide/stuff insulation into those areas. Be advised...
  5. Mikem

    Head mirror replacement project

    Too funny.
  6. Mikem

    Need new motor throttle

    I mean the Sea star model
  7. Mikem

    Need new motor throttle

    Installed that model on my daughter’s previous C-30. Worked perfectly and the new owner loves it as well.
  8. Mikem

    hunter 466

    Had mine since new in 2003. No issues.
  9. Mikem

    A sad day

    Years ago I fell in love with a Catalina 30 but could not afford it so bought a used Columbia 8.7. We saw Catalina 36 Hull number one at the Newport, RI boat show in 1984, sail away price 55k. Fell in love with that but couldn't afford it so bought a used Columbia 10.7. In 1989 we saw in...
  10. Mikem

    Cockpit enclosure question

    I had a full enclosure on a Freeport 41 and now again on our 466. All panels roll up. Typically I only roll up the two forward doors and the rear cockpit door on our 466. During the summer all three rear panels are zipped off and stowed below. I cannot envision the frown option.
  11. Mikem

    Veterans Day, 2020

    Same in Washington
  12. Mikem

    Pearson 33-2 engine removal

    A good friend of mine once told me, when I confided to him that I just could not afford the boat I desperately wanted, “Mike, there is always another boat”. Comforting and true.
  13. Mikem

    Pearson 33-2 engine removal

    My son had a H306 with the 2gm20 and it could do no better than 6+ a little bit. Years ago I had a 35' Columbia with a 20hp Yanmar and 5.8 was max. Years ago I had a Freeport 41 that I purchased with a siezed engine. I repowered with a new Isuzu but if I had it do over again I would have the...
  14. Mikem

    Veterans Day, 2020

    Mostly I just smile and mumble a soft thanks. Sometimes I say it was my honor to serve sometimes I say I’d do it again in a heartbeat. And I think of the ones who didn’t come home. Stand for the flag kneel for the fallen
  15. Mikem

    Fold or flex?

    I have the diver check replace as necessary the prop anode every four months. Other than that no maintenance required and I have had my 3 blade fof 8 or 9 years. I took a video of it underwater with a go pro. It opened and closed within 1/2 rpm. Very, very happy with it. Makes a big difference...
  16. Mikem

    DIY leather steering wheel cover project

    Well done. I also have a 466 and I too put a leather cover on the wheel but with a foam layer underneath. Very comfortable.
  17. Mikem

    Happy Birthday US Navy!!!

    That was awesome. Go Navy!!!
  18. Mikem

    Overpowered prop?

    My daughter’s previous Cat 30 had the 11hp universal with a 13” x 9” two blade gori folder. In other words the 13” was no problem.
  19. Mikem

    Pulls to port under power

    That I think is a common thread on the the 37c. My daughter has a 1984 37c with a 3qm30 and a Campbell sailor three blade prop. It pulls very hard to port under power. But it will turn starboard in almost a boat length when put in reverse. In other words I don’t think there is anything wrong...
  20. Mikem

    37C Running backstay pics

    Will these pics help. From my daughter’s 1984 H37C, “Harmonic “