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    Rudder collar assembly

    I have a 78 Hunter 27 and I'm trying to figure out the upper rudder assembly. The rudder post come out in front of the rear wet locker and has a square teak trim around its exit point into the cockpit. There is some plastic collar or bushing that is crumbling around the shaft that is held...
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    Converting H27 to Portapotty

    I'm looking to buy a 1978 Hunter 27, but I've found that despite the law in 1978 and the original plumbing diagram for the boat the marine head was installed direct discharge and there is no pump out deck plate. I've seen other Cherubini owners on this site note the same configuration on their...
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    Replacing shrouds and stays

    I'm looking at some Hunter 27s from the 70s and most have not had standing rigging replaced in the POs ownership. I was curious how many anyone has paid recently to update shrouds or stays, and if any supplier has stock replacements.
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    Sailboat surveyors near Annapolis

    Hello Anyone Near Annapolis. I'm looking at a Cherubini Hunter 27. It looks to be in good shape and I'm thinking of making an offer but this would be my first cruising sailboat and I don't know what I don't know. I'd like to get some level of prepurchase inspection/survey, and I'm wondering...
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    Marina Services Near Washington D.C.

    Hello. I'm new to boating and still doing my research before buying anything. I live near Alexandria, VA, in the D.C. area. I know of many marinas on the Chesapeake for haul-out, repair and maintenance services. But I'm wondering who people use on the northern parts of the Potomac for...