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    Staysail boom height

    I have a wire strop holding the boom down when the sail is hoisted. I was wondering if I could make this strop longer and mount a liferaft underneath the boom. Will this affect the sail / boom and am I missing something I should be considering? any thoughts?
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    Staysail Track Profile

    Hi Guys Does anyone know what the profile and manufacturer of the track that is mounted on the foredeck for the stay sail traveller on my '80 h37c. I was thinking of re-arranging the sheeting and putting a block on one end and keeping the sheet on the cabin top, away from under my feet when...
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    Racing Handicap for H37c

    Hi all, Wanderer has made it to the River Tay and sits on her mooring nicely. Next up is getting ready to race in the 25th anniversary East Coast Sailing Week this year being hosted at the club I'm a member of. My question to the forum is does anyone have a handicap number for the H37c? Thanks
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    H37c exported to UK

    Hi. I'm thinking of buying a 37 cutter here in the UK but it needs CE certification. Does anybody here know of any other H37's that have come to the UK or EU and have gone through the same process. I'm going to need to create a technical file to prove the boat is compliant with the various...