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    Projects Update on my 88 Wing Keel

    LED Lamp Upgrade - Replaced all navigation lamp bulbs with LED bulbs from Catalina Direct. In the process, discovered the anchor light held together with electrical tape. When I removed the tape and the lens, found no bulb and the metal lamp support/conductor broken off. Bought a new anchor...

    Cockpit Hatch Support

    Anyone ever use these spring supports or similar to keep a cockpit hatch open?

    YouTube Channel

    Not sure how I came across this video blog, but I thought some may find it interesting, especially those with some crafting skills as the blogger does show some interior rework projects. This is related to a Rhodes 22.

    Deal or No Deal

    I was doing random searches on craigslist Sunday morning when I came across a new, in the box Magna Kettle grill for $75.00. This is the discontinued version A10-005. Magna's website says parts are still available. It does not have the rail mount. Amazon list them for about $55. I offered $50...

    Feed your inner NERD

    When its -27 degrees with the wind chill, going outside ain't fun for me, so, to satisfy my boat addiction I play around with these kind of things. Thought others might find this stuff interesting. A neat little setup using a ASUS mini computer QM1. Powerful small and cheap computer for...

    Signet SL80

    Anyone know if the transducers from this original installed system will work through the Raymarine ITC-5 analog to NMEA 2000 converter. See attached.

    C-22 Bimini

    Hello all, As many before, I have been a lurker and this is my first post/question. Has anyone purchased the Catalina Direct Bimini. If so, did you find it worth the price. Did you choose the aluminium or stainless version? why? I need shade in the cockpit area as my wife gets sun burned very...