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  1. BrianRobin

    Removing Engine while on the Hard

    Easy to unload from the truck after as well, put'er in drive, and hit gas, (unloaded, red neck style!) Best of luck, I've got faith in you!
  2. BrianRobin

    Keel gap normal? Best fix?

    I replaced the keel bolts on my 351 a year or so ago. When your boat is on the cradle and your keel is compressed , check your aft keel bolts, they should square washers under the bolts heads. If they are not loose when compressed, you've likely got bigger problems. The bolts aren't that long...
  3. BrianRobin

    Just What I need, Another mast!

    Picked this up today, a 61' mast, furler and rigging, supposedly from a 41' C & C. Our club had this stored for over 16 years, as the boat was purchased way back when and the new boat owners never picked up the mast. They were asked several times , twice this year to remove it, the last...
  4. BrianRobin

    310 Keel Bolts

    FYI, they are nuts on yours ,not bolts, and usually indicate a lead keel, hope you are able to get them tightened !
  5. BrianRobin

    Tips on buying from a broker

    We used a broker and we were very happy we did. I felt the broker worked as hard for us as he did for the owner, in the end took less of a commission to make the sale.
  6. BrianRobin

    Used mast and/or booms (spars)

    You just never know when you are going to need a mast. Two have been replaced in our club the past couple of years, one due to a de-masting and one when a tree fell on it. Hard to transport, a buddy borrowed my mast trailer to haul one 1200 miles this summer, (mast was 53' and the trailer is...
  7. BrianRobin

    Show us your boat name!

    Was one of my Dads favorite sayings
  8. BrianRobin

    Help! My dog won't do her duty while on board. Need suggestions please.

    We started taking our 4 dogs sailing this year, I hear your pain. My wife bought a 'pee pad', they wouldn't go at first, so after googling, wifey found that anyone's pee will do...…………… get the drift? ( I have the best wife!)
  9. BrianRobin

    Hunter Passage 42 PSS shaft seal

    It was a simple fix, ran a tap through, but would advise anyone that buys one to run the set screws through first. You pay enough for them ,QC should be a little bit more awake.
  10. BrianRobin

    Hunter Passage 42 PSS shaft seal

    Mine wouldn't tighten on the shaft, because it wasn't threaded all the way through the stainless collar.
  11. BrianRobin

    Not so nice boom end fittings

    Without pictures , it's just a guessing game
  12. BrianRobin

    Not so nice boom end fittings

    Sounds like maybe you are missing a sheave or two ? Pictures would help
  13. BrianRobin

    Yanmar 3gm 30 engine seized

    Just shoot it, put it out of it's misery. You'll be better off replacing it instead of trying to repair it.
  14. BrianRobin

    Emergency welding using Batteries

    No, no and no, One of the most stupid and dangerous ideas out there!
  15. BrianRobin

    Mast Base Rivet Holes Sheared

    A welders wrap-around works great for marking something like this, only about 10 bucks.
  16. BrianRobin

    Replacement for a Atwood EHM6-SM water heater

    A Seaward Whale was an exact replacement for mine, runs on engine or 110 volts shore power, works great.
  17. BrianRobin

    Wednesday IS photoday!!!

    Three of our 4 pups, enjoying summer on the boat, ( the missing toy poodle was down below sleeping)
  18. BrianRobin

    Sticky main furler

    If you don't keep tension on your outhaul when you are furling, the sail will bunch, usually half way up, or higher. That being said I just installed a new Neil Pryde sail and it works flawlessly!
  19. BrianRobin

    Which truck for hauling a trailer sailer?

    Actually ,while the 12 valves are a good engine in the late 80's- early 90's Dodge, the last year for that body style is 2002, and the frames are different and much heavier in the 2003 and up Dodges. The Chevys/GMS's have great transmissions ,with the Allisons over the Dodge 47re, but many have...