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  1. joker460


    It looks like SpeedSeal is up for sale according to website. Any takers. It would be nice if Yanmar picked it up.
  2. joker460

    What is this for?

    It's on all Beneteau 352's and 351's as you can see in the picture(not mine). It's not in the manual. I can't see a use for it.
  3. joker460

    Pedestal Parts Listing for Bene 323 and 343

    I came across the following PDF's and I believe they are the pedestal assemblies for the Beneteau 323 and 343. Thought I'd post them for those that don't have them. Unfortunately they are in French.
  4. joker460

    How to remove this!

    The vent line from the holding tank broke in half at the tank connection. I've tried some methods but the remaining fitting is sticking fast. Any ideas without damaging the tank which is plastic. It's strange that the fitting broke. It's a fresh water boat. Pictures attached.
  5. joker460

    ForwardScan Sonar

    Just wanted to test the waters now that there are 2 major players. Has anyone here installed either the Garmin panoptix forward scan sonar or the B&G/Simrad unit? If they have, I'd really like to hear a review on them. The reviews I've found on the web are from the manufactures. The Garmin...
  6. joker460

    Joker Valve

    I replaced my joker valve May 2016 with a brand new Jabsco unit. I now have back flow after using the head 4 times. I removed the joker valve and the attached picture is what was seen. Can anyone explain what happened? The fins are curved instead of straight. No Chemicals were used. No Toilet...
  7. joker460

    New Simrad Chartplotters

    Has anyone been following the new GO Series XSE Chartplotter/Sonar units. They look interesting and the 5" is only $419.00. It includes several sonar modes (including Forward Scan), GPS, Chartplotter, Instrument Cluster Display, Nmea2000, Wifi, Touch Screen. The only problem is the forward scan...
  8. joker460

    Battery Maintenance

    My batteries finally gave up the ghost after 9 years of service and they've been replaced. I came across these articles. Is this snake oil :confused: or for real. Tech.pdf and the actual product...
  9. joker460

    Hobbyist Site For NMEA Projects

    I came across this site for those interested in NMEA 0183 from a hobbyist point of view. There's a WIFI Set-Up using a NOOK e-reader and a NMEA 0183 speed reader using an Arduino.
  10. joker460

    Pratical Sailer Test Reports

    I came across this Summary."Practical Sailor" Guide to sailing Gear It's a bit long in the tooth as it's from 2006 but there are test articles from Batteries, Chargers, Heads, Folding Props , Generators etc etc. Worth a read...
  11. joker460

    Top of Mast Pulleys Removal

    Top of Mast Sheaves Removal Has anyone with a 350,351 or 352 ever replaced the sheaves at the top of the mast. Just going to look in the US Spars manual but while at the boat and the mast down, I couldn't figure out how to remove the sheave shafts. There are no obvious openings except through...
  12. joker460

    Magnesium Anode Canadian Supply?

    Have any of the Canadian forum guys found a supplier of Magnesium Anodes in Canada? I looked at but their shipping is way out of line :naughty: and they use USPS which should be cheaper than UPS. $15 for an anode(good price) $40 shipping USPS( What the) ( that doesn't include...
  13. joker460

    Boat In Question

    I have very little to go on because the sailboat was leaving through our channel in Lake Ontario. It was fractional rigged. It had no standing rigging (no wires). It had an in-boom mainsail. No topping lift. It wasn't bigger than 35 feet. Looked like a 90's boat. Anybody have a clue what...
  14. joker460

    DIY ST4000+ Remote

    I thought I would post to "all sailors" for this project. I have been working on a Remote control for my ST4000+ for under $100. I know there is one unit for around $200 and I might have bought one but I do like to tinker in electronics. The prototype has been hooked up for a few days and it...
  15. joker460

    Not Another Project!

    I love electronic gadgets. The more the better.:dance: I found a seatalk converter for under $80 awhile ago. Decided this Saturday to install and see if it works like I thought it would. I now have my engine rpm, engine temp, engine voltage, engine oil pressure, AIS targets, wind speed...
  16. joker460

    Storage Hatch Strut Project

    Finally got around to adding a strut. All the new boats have them. Makes life so much easier. Easy to lift, stays open, doesn't drop on your head, no more bungees, easy to close. Pics attached.
  17. joker460

    Cool Design

    Sailing World May 2014 had an article for a new prototype sail. They say Beneteau may be ready to produce production boats with this sail. I dug around and found a video. The most interesting thing I noticed from the article and video is there are no stays! Take a look...
  18. joker460

    Fresh Water Anodes

    Finally there is a place to get Mag. Anodes for fresh water boats. FYI:
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    Toronto Boat Show 2014 January

    For those planning to go to the Toronto Boat show you can get tickets for half price today and tomorrow until 12 noon. Enjoy Update: Link takes you to the regular price now, special is gone.
  20. joker460

    Joker Valve Testing

    Just a heads up, The latest issue of Practical Sailor has an interesting test of the Joker valves from Jabsco, Groco and Raritan. They are interchangable even though Jabsco beat the other 2. Good Reading