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  1. R20Sailor

    Outboard Motor for Ranger 20

    I know this is an old thread, but I am curious what came of this. How did the motor fit/work?
  2. R20Sailor

    Ranger 12'

    This thread is so cool! Questions, does anyone know how many R12s were made? Does anyone have an video of the R12 sailing? Curious who ended up landing this package from Bellingham:
  3. R20Sailor

    Waterproof connector for outboard alternator wires.

    Hello, I can do a lot of things with boats, but I am seriously weak at electronics. Thankfully my boat's systems are very simple! I bought a new outboard, it has an alternator and came with a long set of wires to connect to the battery. I already have wires connected to my battery charger for...
  4. R20Sailor

    Tohatsu Sail Pro 6hp - Alternator wiring

    Hello, I just bought a new Tohatsu 6HP Sailpro for my Ranger 20. I have charger on the boat that has various modes and allows me to plug into normal 120v. The wires from the charger come out the back of the boat and are connected to what looks like the female end of a plug the connected to the...
  5. R20Sailor

    R20 Outboard length?

    Hello, I just bought a new Tohatsu 6hp SailPro XL (25") shaft. I'm pumped about it. Before I bought it I measured, measured again, eyeballed, and tried to look for info online to figure out the correct length for the shaft and depth for the prop. I got it home today and put it on the boat and it...
  6. R20Sailor

    R20 centerboard

    Hi There, Were you able to find any more info? The previous owner of my R20 (very) carefully installed a "pin" in the centerboard so that it would never fall through. I wouldn't be able to draw pictures of it, but I might be able to take some pictures if I can figure out how to get the camera...
  7. R20Sailor

    Kent Ranger Sailboat Owners Facebook Group

    Hey Everyone, If you are interested, I have started a facebook group as an additional/alternative way to stay connected and communicate with Ranger owners. The group is called "Kent Ranger Sailboat Owners". I hope it can be of use to other sailors!
  8. R20Sailor

    R20 Spreaders

    I am actually looking to purchase new spreaders. Any recommendations on where to order them? Thank you.