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  1. DaveJ

    What is wrong with my sail?

    Can't really tell looking on a phone, but maybe you have broken sail slides/slugs. UV will weaken these plastic pieces. I've had to replace some recently, after a particularly robust event... My main looked like the picture. Cheers dj
  2. DaveJ

    Out for a while and off the water for a while longer

    Seems like you studied had for the test and results show it! Boats come and go, but our health is the most important thing we have, I've enjoyed your posts over the years and am glad your health is taking a positive direction. Sail on...... dj
  3. DaveJ

    Oil change at end of season?

    I wouldn't sweat it, and I like what Benny said. It's always best to follow the manufactures guidelines but one season of oil sitting in the engine should not affect it. By the way, I'm not a mechanic, or an expert in anything, so my advice is worth what you paid for it. Cheers dj
  4. DaveJ

    Replacement Propane tank for Catalina 310

    I think the dealer wanted to sell you a new tank, a couple of years ago I had my tank recertified for $35, and that included filling it. Cheers dj
  5. DaveJ

    Backing a Hunter 26 into its slip

    My Song, in your picture, I see a couple of issues. As others have suggested, spring lines are necessary, whether bow in or stern in, I don't see one on your boat. And I notice that you have a short dock for the size of your boat. Your bow is almost touching and almost 1/3 of the boat (including...
  6. DaveJ

    Attack of the killer carp

    That must be the cause of the noise in the boat next to us.....sometimes during the day also..... ;) dj
  7. DaveJ

    Rabbit hole

    Seems to fit very nicely! Do you have a part # for this, there are a few variations? It will be another of my projects this summer. Cheers dj
  8. DaveJ

    2020 Launch!

    Great news Curt. I didn't put my boat in last year for various reasons, but splashed it last Thursday. My wife and I put the sails on Sunday morning and went for a 3 hour sail in perfect winds. Everything is cleaned, all the cruising 'stuff' is on board and set where to go :(. We have...
  9. DaveJ

    Temp range?

    The flex vanes are about to break off and lodge in your exchanger. JamesG, much better response than mine, explained simply. Only so much I can do on a phone.... JTR, glad you posted this, some of us need the reminder to change that impeller....even if the temperature reading is OK. Mine has...
  10. DaveJ

    Temp range?

    I agree to change it, right away. But I have seen worse that work fine. But it looks like it's about to self destruct. I think it would still pump OK, for now.... Cheers dj
  11. DaveJ


    If your boat gets sick, where do you take it. To the doc Cheers dj
  12. DaveJ

    Fridge/ice box condensation lines

    Hull #160 (2001) does not have a drain in the 'dry storage', and that is what we use it for, dry storage. My fridge drain is the same as Curt's in post #2 and will drain the fridge or shower depending on the position of the 'Y' valve. If you are using the compartment for an ice box, maybe you...
  13. DaveJ

    Rabbit hole

    I'm enjoying your upgrades, dodger/bimini look fabulous. Thanks for the posts. Cheers dj
  14. DaveJ

    I've been thinking

    'Here we go!' If your crew can't figure out what comes next, then just yell 'hold on'! For a gibe, try 'I saw this on a cartoon once....' Cheers dj
  15. DaveJ

    Mounting flatscreen TV on wall

    I have the same setup as JRT had, but I can't access the boat for pictures. My swivel mount is in the forward cabin, beside the opening to the galley. We had a 22" TV on it for a while, don't think we ever turned it on, so took the TV off the mount. You could see the TV from the bed or swing it...
  16. DaveJ

    Looks like I will have to isolate for the next 14 days.

    My hair wasn't quite as long as it was when I was 17...By the way, that's the same girl that cut my hair the other day! :cool: dj
  17. DaveJ

    Looks like I will have to isolate for the next 14 days.

    Been married 38 years, this is the first time that my wife has cut my hair. They say the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks, so..... Cheers dj
  18. DaveJ

    Water in cabin

    The water is between the fridge and head area for sure. My fridge has a fair bit of condensate forming on the sides and back, it tends to collect behind the fridge somewhere and when I sail it will leak down onto the floor, sometimes it runs under the oven then eventually down to the floor...
  19. DaveJ

    Sweet, babies!!

    Much nicer than the squirrels (6) that I had living in my anchor locker last year! Little birds won't chew the rode. Now, I plug the opening when on the hard, those little ones sure are cute! Cheers dj
  20. DaveJ


    Yes, George Carlin pointed that out...why would you need to heat hot water? LOL And why put toast into the toaster.... Cheers dj