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  1. R20Sailor

    Waterproof connector for outboard alternator wires.

    Hello, I can do a lot of things with boats, but I am seriously weak at electronics. Thankfully my boat's systems are very simple! I bought a new outboard, it has an alternator and came with a long set of wires to connect to the battery. I already have wires connected to my battery charger for...
  2. R20Sailor

    R20 Outboard length?

    Hello, I just bought a new Tohatsu 6hp SailPro XL (25") shaft. I'm pumped about it. Before I bought it I measured, measured again, eyeballed, and tried to look for info online to figure out the correct length for the shaft and depth for the prop. I got it home today and put it on the boat and it...
  3. R20Sailor

    Kent Ranger Sailboat Owners Facebook Group

    Hey Everyone, If you are interested, I have started a facebook group as an additional/alternative way to stay connected and communicate with Ranger owners. The group is called "Kent Ranger Sailboat Owners". I hope it can be of use to other sailors!