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  1. DaveJ

    Looks like I will have to isolate for the next 14 days.

    Been married 38 years, this is the first time that my wife has cut my hair. They say the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks, so..... Cheers dj
  2. DaveJ


    Six of them in my anchor locker. A friend called me a couple of days ago and said she saw squirrels chasing each other on my boat, it's on the hard for the winter. I climbed up the swim ladder (it was down) and looked around, one squirrel was near the bow and was not happy. It wanted to run...
  3. DaveJ

    Someones birthday today!

    Hint, she sells a book on this forum.... Cheers dj
  4. DaveJ

    Changing Sanitation Hose

    2001 Catalina 310 with original sanitation hose. I looked at it yesterday and it appears to be difficult to get at the tank end. So I asked the yard guy for a quote. Five hours at $95/hour and $150 for the hose!!!! Has anyone changed theirs and any helpful hints? Cheers
  5. DaveJ

    Catalina 310 Water Heater

    Well, we're leaving in a couple of days for a 2 week cruise, and, now my pressure pump cycles and the bilge pump comes on. Took a while to find the source of the leak, I knew it was from the stern of the boat but very difficult to locate. There is water under the water heater, trickling along a...
  6. DaveJ

    Christmas Card from Aunt

    My wife and I just received a Christmas card from her Aunt and Uncle. We took them sailing last year, it was the first time either had sailed, even though they have travelled extensively and have even ridden a hot air balloon. Did I mention they are almost 90?!! It was a perfect day and they...
  7. DaveJ

    Buzzer not Buzzing

    I know this isn't the first time this issue has been on the forum, but it still has me baffled. I have the M25XPB engine, and when I turn my key one position, I do not hear the buzzer. When I turn it one more position there is a faint single chirp coming from the buzzer. I used a meter and there...
  8. DaveJ

    M25XPB Oil Dip Stick

    When checking the oil level on this engine, should you insert the dipstick all the way into the hole, pull it out and look at the level, or insert only until the rubber seal on the dipstick touches the block? The manual doesn't specify.... Cheers
  9. DaveJ

    Lake Ontario Water Level

    I usually have my boat in the H2O by now, but this year there is no dock is under water! Our yard has added risers on some of the docks, but the dock cleats are about a foot under the water. Some boats went in early, mostly racers, and have to tie off to 2 docks, to stay in the...
  10. DaveJ

    V-Birth Sheets for Catalina 310

    I see that SBO has V-birth sheets for sale, has anyone ordered these for the C310? I am not near the boat to take measurements, so I cannot decide which size is best. I think the XL will be the correct size. And if you have ordered these sheets, do they fit without bunching up on the sides and...
  11. DaveJ

    Port side....

    I was at my Dr last week for a checkup, I complained about a sciatica pain, he said which side, I said port side, then I said, I miss it already. True story. One of the problems being a Great Lakes sailor. Cheers
  12. DaveJ

    Losing Too Much Speed When Tacking

    I have been doing some recreational racing with my C310 and the results have not been very good. I would like to attribute this to the 15 year old 'bagged out' sails, but actually they are in pretty good shape. What I am finding is that I lose too much speed when tacking. Winds have been low...
  13. DaveJ

    Changing the Belt on the M25XPB

    Tried to change the belt on my engine and was unsuccessful. Shouldn't be hard....what am I doing wrong? I loosened the 1/2" bolt on the slotted bracket at the top of the alternator, I found the 9/16" bolt under the alternator, loosened it, but when I tried to move the alternator it only went...
  14. DaveJ

    Bilge Pump Hose Replacement

    I have been having water in my bilge for a while and could not figure out where it was coming from. I knew it was from the aft of the boat but couldn't nail it down. The bilge pump was coming on frequently which of course was troublesome. Finally I noticed a hole in the bilge line, time to...
  15. DaveJ

    What Size Danforth?

    I have noticed that there is an area in our anchor lockers that looks like it is molded for an auxiliary anchor...I think. Will this fit a 20lb Danforth? Someone nearby is selling one for $50, looks like new in the pictures. I don't have any pictures of our locker but I have seen either a...
  16. DaveJ

    Drivetrain upgrades

    I had trouble with my drivetrain this summer (525 hours), sometimes my transmission did not go into forward. Linkage was checked, so now I am having a mechanic friend pull the transmission. There have been posts on this in the past, but I am wondering if someone can help with some current info...
  17. DaveJ

    Evaporator Coil Leak

    I'm sure I'm not the only one to have ever done this, but I sure felt embarrassed to tell my wife that I punctured the evaporator coil with a screw driver.:redface: The ice in the freezer section had become hard so I tried breaking it up, but while doing this I hit the side of the freezer and...
  18. DaveJ

    Steering Wheel Shaft Size

    I was looking for a folding steering wheel and came across a great deal at Defender, it fits a 1" tapered shaft. Do we have a tapered or straight bore shaft on the 310s? Also it is a 32" wheel, is this the best size? Thanks in advance for info and opinions.... dj
  19. DaveJ

    Water in Settee Storage Compartment

    Forum has been slow lately, so here is a question. Twice this past season I have had water in the compartment behind the starboard settee cushion. I rarely use this area so I was never sure how long the water was there, or how is got in. We had many pounding rain storms and when I checked there...
  20. DaveJ

    Cockpit Table Leg

    I am sure others have/had the same issue with the leg of the cockpit table. Mine does not lock and we are always worried that the leg will get knocked and the dinner will end up on the floor. I bought a locking hinge that was for another application, but it looks too clunky and I have not...