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  1. jibes138

    Three bladed prop?

    Your prop needs to be matched to your motor to achieve the full rated max. RPM otherwise you will be either lugging the motor or underpowered. I changed from a 2 blade to three blade when I repowered the boat. I get a lot less prop walk in reverse with the three blade. In general backing the...
  2. jibes138

    Install Yanmar GM10 in Oday 27 - experience or advice?

    When comparing costs of upgrading an older boat I prefer to compare it to what a new one would cost. A brand new 27 is likely in the 60 to $80K range (reference Beneteau First 27). First 27 - Sailboats For Sale | BENETEAU So for 10 grand you get a boat with a solid hull with a brand new...
  3. jibes138

    Install Yanmar GM10 in Oday 27 - experience or advice?

    Beta 14 Atomic 4 Replacement | Betamarine US Ltd. (
  4. jibes138

    Install Yanmar GM10 in Oday 27 - experience or advice?

    Look at a Beta instead. They have a replacement motor for an atomic 4 so minimal installation issues.
  5. jibes138

    3GM30F Cam shaft cover?

    Scott, nothing worse than phillips head screws, except slotted head screws. I'd replace those screws with either a socket head cap screw (so you need an allen wrench to remove) or I'd put in a stud with a lock nut so you can remove with a socket wrench. The one you got buggered up you could...
  6. jibes138

    Salt Water in Bilge

    Not necessarily a production problem but these boats are over 30 years old and the sealant may be failing. Good idea on a boat this old to re-bed the keel or at least scrape out the sealant around the joint and refill it with new sealant and fair it. A prior post noted a possibility of the...
  7. jibes138

    34/35 Prop Shaft Strut?

    Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin with some other elements added in depending on the properties desired. One of these elements is zinc. If through electrolysis the zinc is removed from bronze it takes on a pinkish color. This can happen to props, struts, through hulls, etc. If the zinc on...
  8. jibes138

    Salt Water in Bilge

    Check your keel bolts, you could have seepage through your keel joint when underway with the keel stressed while heeled over.
  9. jibes138

    Rust Never Sleeps.

    While you may be noticing some salt water leaking as cause for concern you should be much more concerned about Carbon Monoxide in the exhaust leaking into your boat! Get a CO alarm and seal that leak immediately. This can be deadly.
  10. jibes138

    O'Day 322 Wing Keel width

    How are you taking down the mast? Why sacrifice a tape measure, use a length of string or line to measure the width in the water then measure the length of the line with a tape measure out of the water.
  11. jibes138

    Drilling hole to run lines through cabintop mounted traveller

    Picture in your mind a flat plate with holes drilled through it on the left side with nicely rounded edges for your lines to pass through. Maybe 1/4-3/8 thick stainless plate material. Now drill four holes in it for mounting screws. Now pick up the plate and fasten it to the face of your riser...
  12. jibes138

    Drilling hole to run lines through cabintop mounted traveller

    You could also have a machine shop make a plate with holes for the lines to run through with rounded edges that would mount on the aft side of the riser and extend beyond the left edge of the riser for the lines to pass, this would allow multiple lines to fit through the space off the deck...
  13. jibes138

    Drilling hole to run lines through cabintop mounted traveller

    Are the screws for the traveler mounted all the way through the cabin top? See if there is a cover plate inside the cabin hiding the bolt heads/nuts. I'm pretty sure mine is mounted that way. In that case you need to allow for the bolts or screws where you create your "tunnel. Rather than...
  14. jibes138

    Anode needed on inside shaft?

    Nothing. Should be fine to use inside for a shaft retainer space permitting. I don't see imbalance as a significant problem. If it was a problem the zincs would come pre-balanced but when installing them the screws would have to be tightened exactly evenly and as the zinc wears non-uniformly...
  15. jibes138

    Anode needed on inside shaft?

    balance is related to the distance from the center of rotation, mass, and rotation speed. On a 1 inch shaft running a few thousand RPM the imbalance will not be very significant.
  16. jibes138

    272 owners: what weight and style of anchor do you have?

    Several years back there was a lengthy thread on anchor swivels and over the years too many anchor threads to count. Do a search and scan some of the older threads. Stu is spot on about anchor swivels. I'm sure they work great until they don't.
  17. jibes138

    272 speed under power

    Are you going up the ICW or planning to take it outside up the coast? Are you planning to overnight in port or sail straight through non-stop?
  18. jibes138

    Help with cooling system

    Put the HX back in. Pull the raw water hose off where it connects to the exhaust. Stick it in a bucket, add an extension hose if you need more length. See if you have good flow at that point (this is after the HX. I have seen salt deposits in the fitting to the exhaust cause a restriction...
  19. jibes138

    Replacing the Hatch lens

    The hatch on the 35 is a Bomar. You can do it yourself pretty easy. I just did mine a few weeks ago. Mine the bedding failed and the lens started to drip. I got a piece of fishing line in the gap and worked it all around to break the seal then it came right out. Remove all the caulk from...
  20. jibes138


    Congratulations on your success. A few noteworthy items. A six point socket is much less likely to strip a hex bolt head than a twelve point socket. Also the Snap-On sockets are supposedly "flank drive" sockets meaning they contact the bolt head on the flats rather than on the corners making...