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  1. Thelaserguy

    Friday evening sails and fireworks at Kemah Boardwalk

    The Kemah boardwalk features a fireworks display on Friday nights in June and July. I am taking a crew of 6 out on Galveston bay for a sail and then watching the fireworks. We went a little too far out the first trip and almost made the ship channel before turning around and heading back to...
  2. Thelaserguy

    Is this serious? Crack at base of mast support

    I have discovered a crack in the fiberglass box in the bilge around the mast support. At the same time I discovered that all 4 bolts to the mast support inside the cabin were 5 to 15 turns from being tightened, probably an oversight when the mast was stepped a year ago when it was delivered to...