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  1. sidneyK

    Lancer Boats

    Hi We have Lancer 28’ 1982 shoal draft, outboard 9.9. We sail in the Channel Islands area of California. We have had all the problems, leaky ports, replaced ballast , helm and wheel problems. Chain locker hatch problems, electrical problems. I have changed to 130 % Genoa w/ roller furling...
  2. sidneyK

    Water in Cabin

    I have a lancer 28 1982 shallow draft. The ballast in my boat was steel pellets with fiber glass poured on top. Water got between the inter cabin casting and the ballast cast in the hull. The steel pellets swelled and buckled the fiber glass cabin floor. I cut open the cabin floor and replaced...
  3. sidneyK

    1979 Lancer 28 ----Mounting Disc Antenna on Mast

    I posted this 10/2012, my mast step is a u-shape stainless steel , bolted to the top of the cabin . It has a slot on each side to allow the bolt in the mast to ride up as the mast is lowered. I think a 2x4 A-Frame mast crutch in the cockpit is a good idea . This will keep the mast from hitting...
  4. sidneyK

    Lancer 28 rigging

    Hi, I have a 1982 Lancer 28. My Halyards run inside the mast. I use all line 3/8 low starch. You could get two colors ,main and jib. My Main Halyard runs from the winch on the Mast (starboard side) through a slot in the mast above the winch, inside to the sheave (roller) on the top for the...
  5. img 8220 boat

    img 8220 boat

  6. sidneyK

    Lancer 28 Mast Stepping Help?

    Mast steping and lowering My lancer 28 1982 is on a trailer, I need to step the mast each time I sail. I have to step the mast at the dock when launching and go under the low bridge, then sailing. I have mast rest on the stern pulpit with a roller on it. It is made of 1x10 pine board with the...
  7. sidneyK

    Finding hull ID number

    Hi My lancer 28 1982 has the number molded in with the hull on the transom starboard/upper. If this part of the hull has been repaired it may be missing. I hope this helps SID/STAR TOO
  8. sidneyK

    how to route the Jib lines

    My lancer 28 ‘82 came with blocks on the toe rail. Brian D is right on, also the toe rail runs the total sides of the boat, so you can get the best position on the jib sheets. SID/STAR TOO
  9. sidneyK

    Pulling down the Mast on 27ps

    My lancer 28 is on a trailer, I take the mast up/down each time I sail. I made an A-frame from two 10 ft 2x4s with a bolt at the top. A large shackle over the bolt (top of A-frame) and two smaller shackles on the large one. One small shackle to the winch on the trailer ( I have used a...
  10. sidneyK

    Re wiring a lancer 28

    When I added a second battery two my lancer 28. I made a shelf under the ¼ berth and strapped the battery to the bulkhead forward of the battery. The main battery on my lancer is under rear seat of the dinette and the switch panel is on the passage side of the seat. I installed a Perko battery...
  11. sidneyK

    H27...trailer launchable?

    My Lancer 28 is on a trailer. The mast step that I use is a U shaped stainless steel 5in. high sides, 6in. long, and 4in. opening. There is a ½ in. slot, 3 ½ in. high in the two sides. My mast is open at the base and there is a ½ in. hole the mast 2 ½ in up from the base. I use a bolt through...
  12. sidneyK

    What type of cleat?

    My Lancer 28 also had horn cleats. I tried cam cleats. They worked well and were easy to use, until things got hairy. The cam cleats slipped if not used with the winch. I changed back to horn cleats with four bolts and fender washer under the deck. I think you should be prepared for the hairy...
  13. sidneyK

    Navigation using a Laptop PC

    I use SeaClear II (free), USGlobalSat-BU353 (36.95 on amazon),and a 7in. TFT LCD monitor/tv with VGA to the lap top(online for about 60.00). This set up works well for me with the monitor and a wireless mouse on the helm. The only down side is the splash when the sea is high. I use a plastic bag...
  14. sidneyK

    Just rejected for sailboat insurance!

    I don’t know what your boats value is, but my boat is a 1982 Lancer 28 sailboat. The replacement value of my boat is about 8000. I think the best insurance for this value is Liability only and Towing with BoatU.S. I got Liability with PREGRESSIVE Insurance on line for 100.00 per year.
  15. sidneyK

    keel design of Lancer 28

    I describe the problem and the repair in more detail in my posting 09-28-2010 under L-28 Hull “oil canning “on trailer. If you would like more info let me know. I think my boat sails a little better with the weight lower in the keel.
  16. sidneyK

    keel design of Lancer 28

    My L28 shoal keel (1982) had a problem with the steel ballast. I cut open the floor and removed the steel. The keel looks to have been cast the same as the hull. I replaced the steel with lead. The lead took ½ the space of the steel for the same weight (2200). So the ballast was in the lower...
  17. sidneyK

    ballast tanks

    The water tank is fiber glassed in forward of the head bulk head in my boat, or under the v-birth in the other model. The ice chest is below the water line in my boat so when I opened the sea cock it would flood with sea water. I added a T and valve to the sink drain. I drain the ice when the...
  18. sidneyK

    L-28 Hull "oil canning" on trailer

    I had a problem with my L-28 shoal keel, water got in under the floor. This water made the ballast of steel shot swell up 10 to 15%, and made the floor and the side of the keel bulge. I had to cut the part of the floor that you step into all the way open. I found that ballast was made up of...
  19. sidneyK

    PHRF Certificate

    I have a Lancer 28, I would like to do a little racing, but I dont belong to a club. How can I get a PHRF rating certificate. Thanks for a good idea.