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  1. jibes138

    Portlight screen sizes O'Day 34/35?

    i measured my portlights thinking they were Beckson and the lenses are 4.75 x 11.0. None of the Beckson portlights on this site have those dimensions. No markings of brand anywhere visible inside or out. Anyone here ever buy screens and know what to get? A forum search didn't yield anything...
  2. jibes138

    AC Races

    anyone watching the AC races? Pretty amazing boats and action. Lots of lead changes. Any slight error and the trailing boat is going so fast they blow right by. Top speeds I've seen about 42 knots or 48 mph.
  3. jibes138

    Shaft alignment

    How come boat shafts aren't connected by a universal joint like in a car? Seems like the automotive world figured this out a long time ago. Would make all this work trying to get perfect alignment much simpler. Even with good alignment motors are rocking, vibrating, pitching, shifting, etc...
  4. jibes138

    Battery charger connections

    Is it acceptable to connect the battery charger hot wire leads to the battery terminals at the "Off -1 -2 -Both" switch to shorten the length of the smaller gage wire or do the leads have to go directly to the battery post with in line fuses? Assume the leads would be fused at the switch...
  5. jibes138

    New Battery Charger Location O'35/34

    Anyone with a 34 or 35 installed a new battery charger and where did you locate it? My old charger was mounted inside the engine room on the fold down door in the quarter berth as the OEM installed. I have a new Promariner and want to install it outside the engine room so I can see the panel...
  6. jibes138

    Repower or repair?

    I started doing a shaft alignment yesterday and was astonished to find the aft port flange off the bell housing where the motor mount connects was fractured completely in half. This is a Universal M25 motor. The fracture did not originate in the hole for the motor mount. Thus the motor is...
  7. jibes138

    Potted plants on boats?

    is it appropriate to have potted plants in the cabin of your boat? Do the plants become missiles aimed at your head when the seas kick up? I see several boats with them but am just curious what the consensus will look like. Do the attract bugs and vermin?
  8. jibes138

    What's the best way to make a "Dark and Stormy?"

    Looking up the recipe I get all kinds of differences everything from 3 ounces of ginger beer to 10 ounces of ginger beer to what all seem to agree on 2 ounces of rum. Some recipes call for lots of ice, others not so much. The Goslings can says to put the ginger beer in first over the ice then...
  9. jibes138

    Making battery cables

    I am rewiring my engine and need to also make new battery cables. The OEM cables are not tinned wire and the ends are not protected with shrink tubing so after thirty years they are looking pretty bad. So the problem becomes crimping the lugs, looking at MaineSail's article the cheap hydraulic...
  10. jibes138

    Temp gage

    I posted this on the ask all sailors forum but am copying it here for you guys with the same boats. I've recently upgraded my heat exchanger in my Universal M25 engine to the recommended 3" diameter. I also just installed a new exhaust riser and water injection pipe. After powering for about...
  11. jibes138

    Temp gage, sender, or ??

    I've recently upgraded my heat exchanger in my Universal M25 engine to the recommended 3" diameter. I also just installed a new exhaust riser and water injection pipe. After powering for about 12 miles on Friday in zero wind my temperature gage was rock steady at 160 degrees (the thermostat...
  12. jibes138

    4 HP Johnson wont start

    My neighbor has a 4 stroke 4 Hp Johnson with internal tank. Won't start or even pretend to start. Took the carb apart and cleaned it up. Put it back and still won't start. A few shots of ether and it started but would immediately stall. It seems like no gas is getting to the carb. Opening the...
  13. jibes138

    Fuel tank removal

    Last year I replaced my tank. Forum fuel tank replacing expert SailingCal21 convinced me to cut out a section of the sidewall in the quarter berth. This facilitated removal of the tank intact and greatly increased accessibility to clean up and prepare and install the new tank. I finally got...
  14. jibes138

    New cockpit table

    I went to refinish my old table and found it all rotted out. New tables ranged from 300 on up depending on source and features. The starboard ones look bad and the teak ones will require lots of maintenance. So I scouted a few lumber yards and bought a composite deck board with wood grain...
  15. jibes138

    Eyebrow removal

    I bit the bullet and removed those thin strips of teak that run along the top exterior edge of the coach roof. They are so thin and long that maintaining them is a nightmare and on one side the wood had broken in half in two places. I countersunk the screw holes and filled them with a...
  16. jibes138

    Air conditioning

    My kid bought a portable air conditioner for his apartment. It is about 10K BTU's and is on wheels. Runs on 110 volt power and just a hose like a dryer hose to vent the hot air out a window. They are pretty cheap at about 300 bucks compared to built in air on a boat for well over a grand. Has...
  17. jibes138

    Question on LED's

    I installed a LED anchor light yesterday and had a question regarding operation and design. After wiring it up I tried to test continuity at the base of the mast and had no reading at all. I figured I hosed up the butt splices so I ripped it apart and re-crimped the butt connectors and...
  18. jibes138

    U Bolt chainplate connections

    Any of you guys ever located a replacement source for your U-bolts that you connect your standing rigging (shrouds) to the chain plates? I don't see on Rudy's website that he carries them. Best I can tell they are a custom made part either a forging or a casting? I was re-bedding mine with...
  19. jibes138

    good, bad, and ugly

    A shout out to McMaster Carr for amazing customer service. I am replacing some old mismatched ball valve/thru hulls with real seacocks and wanted to use G10 material for the backing plates. What is really good is I ordered it mid afternoon Tuesday and received it before noon today (Weds.)...
  20. jibes138

    2 inch heat exchanger

    I went out for a motor up the ICW on Sunday to have the boat hauled for a bottom job and assorted maintenance. The motor seemed to be running hotter than normal. I don't have a tachometer but I'd guess boat speed was about 4 to 5 knots. Motor usually runs around 160 degrees and very steady...