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    Cockpit Cushions Beneteau Sense 46

    Can anyone help where I can source cockpit cushions for a Beneteau Sense 46? Thanks Mike
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    Dufour 425 Grand Annoying Leak

    Hi All, Me again. On a roll given your advice on the last topic on the twin wheel helm. The other annoying issue I have appears to be a leaking water tank. I have noticed that when the forward tanks (it has two) is full I get quite a bit of water leaking into the bilges which requires...
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    Twin wheel helms

    Hi All Sailors I have just purchased a second-hand Dufour 425 with twin wheels at the helm (the first boat I have had with this arrangement) and there seems to be a fair bit of slack when turning one wheel and the other responding. Is this normal or should I get it looked at? Thanks in...
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    Bavaria 47 Review

    Hi I am looking for feedback on any owner of a Bavaria 47. I have searched the web and there seems to be very little detail on this model other than the original sale brochure. I am in the process of purchasing a 2009 Bavaria 47 and would greatly recieve any owners view on the vessel, how she...