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    New spin halyard gets wrapped around headstay at the top

    I recently rigged up my Hunter 34 with a spinnaker and it's boatloads of fun. One issue is that the spinnaker halyard tends to get wrapped around the headstay right at the top when the jib is furled or unfurled causing the furler to become jammed. This happens when the spinnaker is not in use...
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    Converting from roller furled to hank on

    I am seriously considering ditching my roller furler and going with hank on sails. The main reason is performance. I want the deck sweeper and to easily change sails. Also, the furler is not so easy to roll up (it's getting on in years) especially in the SF Bay wind. One thing that is making...
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    How to get and keep good crew for racing?

    I am admittedly a casual racer. Beer cans and the occasional regatta. One of the main obstacles to getting to the next level (winning) is a perpetually green crew. Lots of rotation. I am racing a Hunter so there’s that but what do you successful racers do to get and keep crew long enough to get...
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    Stink Boat

    So I am in process of replacing my holding tank and all the hoses, etc. This is due to stink boat. One of the issues was a leaking 3-way valve in the compartment that houses the holding tank. It leaked onto and under the sole and left salty crud deposits behind in the wood which I have...
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    Manual Holding Tank Pumpout Pump in Odd Location . Or is it?

    The manual pump for pumping out my holding tank is in the line from the tank to the deck fitting. Thus, if I were to manually pump out the tank (and I never actually have) it would pump the contents of the tank out onto the deck. This has very limited appeal to me. The question is: Is this...
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    Turn Blocks on a 1984 Hunter 34

    I know this is totally lazy of me but I am at work right now so I'm gonna do it anyway. Does anyone out there know the make of the turn blocks near the stern that carry the jib sheets around and to the winch. They would be original to the boat. There is a symbol on them but I do not recognize...
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    What is the best non skid deck paint?

    In researching this subject I have come to realize that it is all about compromise. My H-34 has the molded in non skid pattern that doesn’t really work that well. I’m interested in applying a non-skid surface that looks good and is durable. It needs to be grippy but it does not have to be the...
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    P = 97 on tachometer

    The tachometer that goes along with my Yanmar 3GM30f has P=97 on the face. What does this mean and must a new tach also be a P=97?
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    Sandy/crystalline substance around keel bolt

    So, this happened yesterday. I opened the keel bolt access hatch in the floor of my 1984 Hunter 34 and discovered this light grey sandy/ crystalline stuff around the aft keel bolt. The bolt itself appears in good condition but what is this stuff? Is it a by-product of corrosion or did it just...
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    Is the more expensive bottom paint worth it?

    I haul my boat and paint the bottom myself every two to three years. This is a task I hate with every fiber in my body but I do it myself because I think I do a better job than the yard guys. The paint I use is a non ablative with copper that runs about $200.00 / gal. There is a more...
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    Spare Haylard as Topping Lift for Spin Pole?

    I’ve always seen the topping lift for the spin pole come from a block about 2/3 of the way up the mast. Is there any reason I cannot use the spare jib halyard as a spin pole topping lift? The only real difference is that it would be coming down from the very top of the mast. Seems like it...
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    Three Bridge Fiasco!

    We have a strange tradition this time of year here on SF Bay. It’s a 21 mile race in the dead of winter when we have no wind on the bay. Thus, the name. The event is ironically popular. Over 330 boats entered the single or double handed race this year. As promised, we had much fog and very...
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    Grey Enterprises Gone?

    I am freaking out. What happened to Grey Hatches?
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    Good Morning

    Good morning everyone
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    Clunk when I shift into Gear

    I have been posting on my transmission issues for awhile now. Still not quite there. I have a Yanmar 3GM30F with a Kanzaki KM3A (1984). I actually recently replaced the transmission with a used rebuilt one from EBAY so who knows what I got. Anyway, after it has warmed up a but it clunks when...
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    Are "racing" lines worth it?

    So I blew out a jib sheet and here I am staring at all of the line choices on APS' web site (40%off) wondering if I should spend the money on low stretch racing lines for the jib sheets. I have Dacron sails that are fairly new and my boat is a Hunter 34 so no Formula 1 racing here. I get that...
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    Ferro-Cement Anyone?

    I have been dreamily eyeballing what appears to be a very nice sailboat for sale on Craigslist that is ferro-cement. There are MANY questions that need to be answered about this boat so I will start here with the first one: Is ferro cement construction any good? How does is compare to...
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    Just a cool photo

    Friday night beer can racing on SF Bay. Blowing 20 kts and choppy. No one from my regular crew showed so we were five strangers sailing together for the first time including a couple from Norway in San Francisco on business. One of them snapped this photo.
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    Spinnaker Pole length - exactly

    I recently got a back alley deal on a used spinnaker pole from a guy who's name I did not catch. It is the right diameter but it's too long so I need to cut it. I have new ends for it. I know the length is supposed be equal to the J-dimension but how does one measure that exactly? Center of...
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    What is a faired keel worth?

    I opted not to take the time to fair my iron keel this time around due to life and stuff. I am considering making another go at it in the fall. The question is: what is it worth? Faster? Better pointing? I race my Hunter 34 in PHRF races against similar boats. I have read that a smooth...