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    Seldon headstay attach fitting failure

    I have a Bavaria 46 sailboat. We were out sailing yesterday and had a Forestay failure. It turned out to be a part that is listed for recall on a later model boat. It looks exactly like the same part and has a failure at the weld they talk about. We kept the rig vertical but had damage to...
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    Windvane steering and an extra rudder

    Hello I am about to do more extended sailing. At first I was going to upgrade my autopilot, but now I am thinking windvane steering. I live in Tampa and just saw that a larger hunter lost it's rudder and was abandoned at sea. I guess it had a plastic rudder post. Anyway a wind vane can...
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    Marine AC

    Hello all I have enjoyed reading this forum. I Have a Marine Air AC. Last month it stopped working with the HHH fault code. I was getting a bottom job so I asked the ship yard to look at the AC as well. They charged me 500 dollars and said it works fine. They hooked it up to a water...
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    Need spinnacker for H340

    I went to a sail shop and I don't think that is the answer. I just want a good quantity sail for a descent price Thanks
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    Hunter 340 battery charger question

    Hello all, I know this is a newbie question but I could not find the answer in my manual or the web. I want to keep the reefer cold for days at the dock on shore power. Since it's DC powered do I need to leave the battery charger on if I am gone for a few days. Thanks
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    Hunter 340 leak at compression post

    Hello I am new to the group. I just purchased a Hunter 340 2001 model. On my first sail it rained and it leaked around the compression post. It did not turn up on the survey. There also does not appear to be any water damage yet. I am going to get a bottom job next week in Mobile. Is...