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  1. Ned Ludd

    RE-stepping mast on N28

    Been off the forums for the summer, Nice job what did you make the A-frame out of?
  2. Ned Ludd

    Boat Wash!

    I usually start with 2 good IPA's administered internally, add to that a bucket of H20 with a bit of mild biodegradable detergent and copious quantities of fresh H20 to rinse. Halfway through the project a 3rd IPA administered internally followed up with an additional rinsing with copious...
  3. Ned Ludd

    Cutting hole in crazed hatch...

    Crazing is typically a surface issue and a good sharp cutting blade won't create any additional damage. If the problem is deeper like severe UV damage to plastic it needs replacing no matter what.
  4. Ned Ludd

    And now they have a Go Fund Me page

    The media maligned me too...go to my fund me page. I need $1500 for a main sail which was torn in a typhoon. Please, I think if I was in a calm ocean for 2 hours I would have come up with a fix for that spreader. Wire, rivets and determination can fix a whole lot of broken.
  5. Ned Ludd

    New N28 owner, with a couple questions

    There are some differences between the Mk 1 & MK 2, The MK 1's have the recesses in the settee, the MK 2's appear to have larger access panels in the tops. Yes that is a fold out nav table, my MK1 has one also.
  6. Ned Ludd

    The new AC boat

    Gotta admit this style of sailing has a certain charm, just watch this Hobie Trifoiler. Not an afternoon wine and cheese cruise.
  7. Ned Ludd

    New N28 owner, with a couple questions

    I have heard of the option but have not seen one either. I am interested as the vee berth is a tad small for me to sleep comfortably in.
  8. Ned Ludd

    The new AC boat

    Awesome concept, I wonder what's in the works for the AC after this one.
  9. Ned Ludd

    New Tax bills, Game changer?

    Sounds like it would make the market for worthless old boats more attractive, a 10% luxury tax on zero is zero
  10. Ned Ludd

    British sailor dies in round-the-world yacht race

    The pay to play scenario on boats of this level is a bit reckless, watching some of the other extreme offshore races the crews are typically young and extremely athletic not 60 year olds. I agree with completely. There may have been a medical condition we are not aware of, a stroke, heart...
  11. Ned Ludd

    New to me Javelin

    Fun little boat, I had one for about 6 years.
  12. Ned Ludd

    New Sail Sticker Shock

    I am in the process of looking at a new main for my boat. Every cruising used sail I have seen is not worth the money. Be realistic about how you use the boat, if you sail in 12 knots of breeze on protected waters you don't need a voyaging quality sail.
  13. Ned Ludd

    I might be able to beat this J24

    A couple of hours with a pressure washer and she'll clean right up
  14. Ned Ludd


    MMMM, Milf oil. Sorry off topic. Our yacht club has been working with the ACE to help reduce the impact of milfoil in our local reservoir, not easy but it is helping reduce the spread.
  15. Ned Ludd

    Boat fire, Vancouver

    20 minutes of video and the fire was still burning, fuel and plastic is a nasty combo. What a mess, they should have cut it loose and sank it.
  16. Ned Ludd

    5000 miles off course

    I am a bit late to the conversation but this is a pitiful example of the spirit of self reliance it takes to be a sailor.
  17. Ned Ludd

    Cruising Close Call

    Reminds me of the time when anchored as a kid, my dad kept calling us wimps for not being to able to pull the anchor. When it got to the surface there was a 20lb danforth, 30' of chain and a 100' coil of rope snagged on it, someone was not very happy when thay tossed that over.
  18. Ned Ludd

    Rub rail moulding

    I have have owned 2 Capital Yachts boats a Neptune 24 and now a Newport 28, knowing the build quality of these boats I would doubt that trim piece was original. My N-24 had the same outboard flange detail (a 1980 model) with nothing on that lower edge. I have a 1976 N-28 and it has a different...
  19. Ned Ludd

    Bilge pump question

    I find mt N-28 sits with water more forward in the bilge, the deepest part is about 18" behind the mast. I don't see cutting a hole under the companionway steps as helping.
  20. Ned Ludd

    Roller Furling upgrade

    Since you have a fairly decent budget a furler/headsail combo sounds like the ticket.