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  1. BruceB1

    Cuttyhunk in 2018

  2. BruceB1

    Cuttyhunk in 2018

    Cuttyhunk 2018...
  3. BruceB1

    Washing clothes on a Boat

    We used an Ecowash on our previous boat. It actually works as advertised! Something about the pressurization of the container once you begin spinning the warm water in the enclosed drum? We even cleaned dirty work jeans in the thing with great success. We now have a washer/dryer aboard but if we...
  4. BruceB1

    Sunrise in Boothbay Harbor.

    Last night in Camden...
  5. BruceB1

    Cruising: motoring DDW at 6 knots in 6 knots of breeze, on the cool North Atlantic,...

    Well, for what it is worth, it has been hot here in your home waters too! I will say that as a MoBo’r we do have a generator and air conditioning but running a generator for just AC is not recommended. You want to keep the generator loaded! So, unless we are at a dock and plugged in, we get a...
  6. BruceB1

    Kiwi prop on B-331 improves fuel usage by 14%

    Does the engine still make max rpm? Sounds like perhaps they gave you more pitch. That is fine as long as you are not over propped...
  7. BruceB1

    I know this is a sailing forum but...

    Now that is impressive! I was happy enough simply fussing over the installation of pieces and parts that were designed to work together. I marvel at those of you who go the extra distance and design something like this on the fly... We spent a cold couple of days in Block Island after getting...
  8. BruceB1

    I know this is a sailing forum but...

    I wrote the installation up on our blog, I’ll add the link at the bottom but I talk about being warned that this would take a fair amount of time. I understand why the systems cost so much to install now! https://brucebeard.com/2018/05/27/got-heat/
  9. BruceB1

    I know this is a sailing forum but...

    That is 2” Soundown noise insulation. The entire engine room is blanketed in it. The white solid surfaces are King Starboard that the manufacturer uses to mount things to. I copied their lead and made what I needed for my installation.
  10. BruceB1

    Quick question..halyard slapping in nearby boat, in marina.

    I suppose my answer is “it depends”. I certainly have done it myself. Not when the owner is aboard though. I witnessed a situation like that unfold once and it was not good! Bruce
  11. BruceB1

    I know this is a sailing forum but...

    ...I’m bored so. Tom rewired his boats electrical system this year and now I’ve done some wiring too (and some plumbing and ...) The project here was the installation of a hydronic heating system. Somehow I’ve spent some 3 plus weeks on this. It all works perfectly though and the heater is so...
  12. BruceB1

    Would you rather varnish than sail?

    Beautiful to look at, but I am happy to just look. I wonder what the annual yard bill is on that boat? I know what we spend on much newer boats and I do (almost) everything! I remember being mesmerized by the Concordia Yawl Renaissance when she spent a summer on a mooring near me in Newport...
  13. BruceB1

    Scope creep, project creep, "kitchen sink syndrome", no marine term exists

    That's what I'm talking about!!! She sure is a beauty... I love seeing well maintained engines. Bruce
  14. BruceB1

    Scope creep, project creep, "kitchen sink syndrome", no marine term exists

    I always smile when I hear someone talking about how “the new paint job...” and how it will “freshen up..” the boat. Little do they know... Bruce
  15. BruceB1

    Scope creep, project creep, "kitchen sink syndrome", no marine term exists

    I am always amazed at the phenomenon of project creep on boats. Having spent my working life in the business of maintaining and repairing European automobiles, I have developed a very good sense of what a job might take to complete with the usual caveats for things like stuck bolts or other...
  16. BruceB1

    In a pickle.

    This is our answer for snow and ice... Esmeralde is all nice and warm on a sunny day too!
  17. BruceB1

    Oyster yachts shutting down...

    Yey another industry titan ending up “on the rocks”... http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-5364207/Southampton-based-boat-builder-Oyster-Yacht-collapses.html We were obviously never in the market for one of these but I sure appreciated looking at them at shows. Bruce
  18. BruceB1

    It’s been cold here in Rhode Island!

    Yes, somehow location makes a difference. We have done some tent camping in Florida when the temperatures were in the mid 30's... Fun but really cold!
  19. BruceB1

    It’s been cold here in Rhode Island!

    You made me laugh. I spend much of the winter cruising around inside our home without socks. It freaks my father in law out when he sees my not wearing socks...
  20. BruceB1

    It’s been cold here in Rhode Island!

    Not soon enough Bob. We decided to leave the boat here this winter as we've spent so much time away in the last 12 months. Next year it is the I.C.W. for us!