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    Water in the Frig.

    What you will find is that you have a check valve that has something in it preventing it from sealing back up. It can be taken apart by 4 screws and cleaned. Just follow the hose from th foot pump.
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    Rudder post

    Rudder Post Cap Hello: I think what you may be referring to as a cap is the aluminum ring ontop of the rudder post which has the 3/8 bolt running through it. It is on the outside and is 1 1/2 long. When I redid my rudder post and made new bearing assembly for the top of it I had a hard time...
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    Dave : I am glad you mentioned that about the tethers and harness's. I use to use one where I worked and actually have a couple of them at home now and use them for my harness. I would not be with out the style I have as it is more safer by far I feel, I have used these for over 30 yrs. We had...
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    John: I have #1057 which is a 1990 Catalina 36 and I have a enclosed and sealed box that the wires go into. There is then a small buss bar with 8 connection points for the mast head light, anchor lite, wind inst and running lights and deck lite. I have an access door right at the base of the...
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    Hey Karl. I did not steal nothing. Ya had trouble with reading. It happens to us all. Have a good weekend. Randy
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    On provisioning, good food and saving money

    I think Peggy as some good ideas. I am sure we could all learn some new ways to provision from each other here and some new ways to cook and store food. Randy:)
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    Only reason I stated that I would lay it on the deck is a friend of mine has a rope antenna as mine and he tried it just to see if he could transmit and receive, I will do the same this summer so I know! I am curious when you contact Dr John Gregory what he will tell you about the questions you...
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    Interesting, If lost the back stay and the primary antenna. I would pull out the rope antenna , lay it on the deck and make what calls I could.
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    I am like Karl. I am doing the work myself and installing the same SSB unit as he did, Icom M802 with a tuner. We have a 1990 Catalina 36. As of right now I have the tuner installed and the receiver. I had done a lot of research before hand but there is always more to learn. I had taken the...
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    Great Lakes to Gulf Via Miss.

    I have to agree with Captain Charles Creel on going down the Miss. With currents that strong, one has to go even faster then the current to keep steerage of his vessel at all times. If something happens at that speed with the current, one is going to have a lot of trouble. Randy