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  1. Skipper

    Universal Kubota experts - water pump

    Guys, this thread is over 4 years old. I changed that bracket out a week after the water pump, and documented it on SBO. And with Stu's help, ironically. :-) https://forums.sailboatowners.com/threads/universal-alt-bracket-not-rehash.169808/page-3#post-1194008
  2. Skipper

    Fog your motors for storage!

    Yes gas. Fog your gas motors. Fog oil not to be run in a diesel. I guess fog a generic term for prep for storage. When I was in the cold east, I'd run anti freeze through the raw water side, which pushed out the salt water from the exhaust path, replacing with AF. I'm wondering if that is a...
  3. Skipper

    Fog your motors for storage!

    Local broker's story: All powerboats, but applies to us. A little Regal 24, Volvo inboard V8. Boat sat for a year. Owner listed it for sale. Boat started and ran for buyer. Then very next day after sale, engine wouldn't turn over. Seized. Mechanic discovered that rusted valve stem on a cylinder...
  4. Skipper

    Oberdorfer N202M-908 Pump leaking

    Yes, seals! :doh: In my mind they look like bearings, so subconsciously typed it. But might as well change the bearing too while you're in there. I think it's plastic, and comes in one form of the kit.
  5. Skipper

    Oberdorfer N202M-908 Pump leaking

    Leaking from the weep hole is likely merely the common and intentional indicator that the bearings need replacing. Bearing kit is I think $40. Rem pump and then press bearing in professionally or you can do it. Reinstall pump and ready to go. No need to buy new pump.
  6. Skipper

    Diesel fuel smell coming thru head

    It of course was not assumed that she was pulling flush water from the holding tank. I was thinking that if there's diesel smell in the head, it may be coming from the tank, even after flushing. Those joker valves never get replaced. ;)
  7. Skipper

    Diesel fuel smell coming thru head

    Did you visit the fuel dock before you went out? The fuel dock boys might have put diesel in your holding tank. And then were silent about the mistake. To some, all deck fills look the same.
  8. Skipper

    Sailboat Beauty Pageant

  9. Skipper

    My license has expired ???????

    I tested it just now on boat's MMSI radio and obtained your same results on 2 of the weather channels. Then switched to handheld non MMSI radio and heard same recording on those channels. So it's not your radio. There's no way a broadcast station can know what your MMSI license status is. It's...
  10. Skipper

    News video - lightning strike sailboat

    ....Repost. For some reason can't edit headline on other one ... What are the odds... I saw this video of a lightning strike yesterday morning on a Facebook page called "Bristol Owners", a page for owners of Bristol Yachts sailboats. The video was posted by a member, the owner of the struck...
  11. Skipper

    Happy Independence Day!

    God bless America.
  12. Skipper

    say NO to Nike!

    Me using lefty irrelevant illogic: "You sailors love wood. But your boats are now made of fiberglass. How come you're not mad about that? You use a swiveling stove to cook, because your boat tilts. Why not fix your boat so it doesn't tilt? Sailboats were used to carry slaves. By using a...
  13. Skipper

    say NO to Nike!

    I too quit Nike after their idiot ad with the traitor. This newest idiocy only cements it further. And regarding "target customers", horse pucky. I have been an avid Nike shoe fan for decades. Nothing but Nike. Even on the boat. There was nothing anyone could say to persuade me to change...
  14. Skipper

    M18 Water Pump And Hose Size

    https://forums.sailboatowners.com/index.php?threads/universal-kubota-experts-water-pump.169680/#post-1193777 If you threw out the hoses, take the new or old pump to the parts store to match hose. Or there might be specs online via the above link.
  15. Skipper

    Washer for galley sink drain

    Did you call Hunter? Also you might try restaurant and bar suppliers. Many galley sinks are merely retasked bar sinks. See if there's a part number on the underside of the sink.
  16. Skipper

    Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin

    When we bought the current boat, I thought it was incredibly old at 27 years. Now she's 8 years older.
  17. Skipper

    universal m25 water pump part number

    If it's the same pump as for the M18, then this might help: https://forums.sailboatowners.com/index.php?threads/universal-kubota-experts-water-pump.169680/#post-1193777
  18. Skipper

    Faria Euro Gauges

    I special ordered a Faria tach with both red and white markings, to break it up and be easier to read. And because I liked how the new volt meter lit up at night, highlighting the markings, so wanted the tach to match. Well, the Faria lights up of course, but the markings are not highlighted ie...
  19. Skipper

    Aqua signal series 25 combo mast headache/ fore deck light bulb conversation question?

    I did the thread on this Aqua Signal topic about a year or so ago. Installed the Marine Beam bulb. No issues yet. I won't say it's brighter than the halogen, but it's certainly bright enough. And it's a nice moonlight color. Also I think the coverage is wider and more even. The whole foredeck...
  20. Skipper

    Catalina 27 with flex in port side cabin floor

    Where exactly on the port side is it flexing? Might just be the liner. Could even be normal / expected flexing on this model.