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  1. William12213

    What to use to re-bed hatch glass

    I am replacing the hatch plexi on my Catalina. They sell a black adhesive/sealant on the Catalina site but it is very expensive. It is a Dow corning product and I am thinking it is Dow 795 but don't really know. What is the best stuff to use? Thanks
  2. William12213

    Engine Alignment

    I have done a search on this and came up with a few posts but none that really answered my question. I have a 1988 Catalina 36 with the 25xp engine in it. I understand the the alignment process as far as how to make sure it is in spec. What I am unsure about is how those adjusters on the...
  3. William12213

    Tank Monitors

    I am going to add some tank monitors to my boat and am wondering if anyone has installed any of them or used the after market models. I am looking at the Snake River and See Level brands. They both seem easy to install and are fairly cheap. I am curious if there are any problems with either...
  4. William12213

    Traveler change

    I want to move my traveler ahead about two feet and get it out of my cockpit and companionway. I am wondering if this will impair the functionality of the traveler. It seems like a pretty straight forward project so I am worried I may not have thought this all the way through. I am not worried...
  5. William12213

    PSS Shaft Seal Install

    I am considering using the PSS shaft seal on my boat. I have a couple question that I am sure I can get answers to on here. The first is has anyone installed it themselves and what kind of a job was it..it looks pretty staight forward. What kind of problems did you have if any. My second is does...