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    1974. O’Day 20 Interior Refurbish

    My 20 sails fine. The interior, however, needs some help. I will probably have several questions, but I will post them separately. First problem is the bulkhead. The starboard wall is in ok shape. It does not touch the ceiling, so I assume it is not structural. The port wall has a 1x1 that...
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    1974 O'Day 20 electrical questions

    I just got this boat and have a couple of questions. 1) Where was the original battery location? This one is installed on the port berth under the cockpit. It is not square and is braced by a random 2 x 4. I am thinking of moving it to the locker on the starboard side of the cockpit. Is that...
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    Interior Bulkhead Question on O’Day 20

    I just bought a 1974 O’Day 20. It is in good shape overall, just needing some tlc. I am brand new to sailing. My question is whether the bulkhead between the v-berth and the rest of the cabin is structural? I am considering removing or at least reducing this bulkhead to open up the small cabin.