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    Sailboat sinks at mooring Hamburg Cove, Lyme, Ct

    Insurance has certain definitions controlling exclusions and insurability. Was the house empty? Abandoned? Vacant? Unoccupied? In those circumstances coverage may be reduced, or even excluded. Coverage can also be denied for misrepresentation. Did the owner/Insured take reasonable steps to...
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    So that we may reminisce during the winter

    What is the upside down clue?
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    Seaman's Manslaughter - Fascinating Indeed

    It appears that the dead guys Daddy is being Vindictive and using his friendship in his home Port to punish the CAPT. Seems malicious prosecution.
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    Its that time again....

    I learned to sail by: 1) crewing on a Cal 2-24, and 2) studying the Sea Eaxplorer manual. Shortly after I was single handed sailing a 38’ yawl.
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    Insurance Premiums

    Is your carrier even an Admitted one? Meaning it’s assets protetected by an Insurance Guarant ee Assn? Then yes what is your Carriers AM Best rating? Anything below A+ XII is not strong enough. Now! What are the comparable terms of each policy?
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    I guess it was my fault!?

    Blue my new favorite color....
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    I guess it was my fault!?

    Oh quitcher Bellyaching..oh yes, and blue is my new favorite color.
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    waterline to highest point when mast is down

    My auto. Calc .works like this. Run speed up, go full tilt at the bridge, if you don't wipeout, all is good. Or, .........
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    Bring xtra food water, sheets, halyards, sails, and lots of clean gas, diesel or whichever fuel.
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    "Survey Says"

    Most Fire Extinguisher service companies will Service and update your tags. Sure there is a small service fee, but ya don't want to try putting out a fire with a dead or compromised extinguisher. It a small investment in preventing a lot of wet boat ash. Hmmm, that reminds me, I need to...
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    Starting diesel in freezing temp....

    Can't commend this, but, ..... back in college in Colorado, when it was -20, and God was just a child, I would use a squirt of ether in the carb. And boom! My old VW would start right up. (Who could afford an engine block heater?) So the air intake might work similarly. But can be dangerous...
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    Single hand Setup

    Now, I've single handed even a 38' Yawl in my more stupid younger days. Took it all over LA and LB Harbors and out towards Catalina. Had great fun. But, now that I've matured a little, it would be heck of a lot more fun to find one or two folks who would volunteer to crew and bring some beer...
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    This is for the birds...

    There is a special grain that I buy at my local farm supply store. While it is intended for killing gophers and mice and rats, it works wonderfully at controlling my local pesty pigeon population. I try to "feed" them about once a week. After a couple of weeks, no more problems. Oh the...
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    Tongue too light

    Beer. Actually that is a brilliant idea. Also I'd add a 5 gallon container of water and a 5 or 10 gal. Filled Gas can toward the front of the cabin(careful with that stuff.). That should add some stability to the trailer. oK, maybe 3 more cases of beer, and add 4 boxes of a fine Chardonnay...
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    Fastbottoms, avert your eyes!

    While I am a Huge fan of bleach, beware, it has caustic properties that may be hostile to your hull. Ya wanna see delamination? Just let the bleach sit on your hull for more than 10 minutes.
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    Anchor Rode Wrap Around Wing Keel

    Thanks for all the posts. Now I understand why I don't want a wing keel boat.
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    Old boats

    Of talking boats... Mommy, Daddy, what did you used to do all weekend when you were at the Catalina Isthmus?
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    VHF fixed radio

    VHF, hmmm. VHF is line of sight. Anything blocking line of sight? Bottom line, I wouldn't screw with it. Return it, get a different one.
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    New rule NO soles on my sole

    Well, if the boat was out on the water where it belongs, there would be no tracking. Get thee back on the water!