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  1. heritage

    Lifting Yanmar 2GM20F

    I lifted my 2gm with transmission using the eyes.. The eyes position balance the engine nicely from side to side. By adjusting the attachment to the strap that connects the eyes, you should be able to balance the engine. We first tried nylon straps around the bottom of the engine that didn't...
  2. heritage

    Looks Important Maybe

    From the way it is bent and its size, I would guess that it came from a turnbuckle. As the shroud tried to unscrew from the turnbuckle, it bent and forced out the cotter pin.
  3. heritage

    Seaward 25 noisy Yanmar: any point in trying to sound insulate it? I installed these mounts recently. They were a perfect fit but a bit softer than the original mounts. They were not wrapped in a Yanmar factory package. Shipping by DHL was fast and not too expensive. I also replaced all of the engine...
  4. heritage

    The future is here: Spirit 111(feet), the most sustainable Super Yacht to date has launched.

    This is a good discussion of regen for sailboats.
  5. heritage

    St Johns River, Fl?

    I have hauled out at Green Cove Springs a couple of times and made one trip up the St. Johns all the way to Sanford. What stops most sailboats from this journey is the 45' bridge just south of GCS. As a previous poster stated, the river is wide between GCS and Jacksonville allowing great...
  6. heritage

    180W Constant Current Electronic Load 200V/20A Battery Tester Discharge Capacity

    An automotive battery tester is useful for checking starting batteries, but no so useful for checking the capacity of your house bank. The automotive tester can put up to a 500 amp draw on your battery for a few seconds, much like what happens when you start the engine. This information is not...
  7. heritage

    1978 Hunter 27 Shroud Tension

    The oem shrouds on the H27 are 3/16". Loos recommends a tension of 500#s. Then take the boat out and adjust if the shrouds slacken a lot when heeled over.
  8. heritage

    180W Constant Current Electronic Load 200V/20A Battery Tester Discharge Capacity

    This is the one I bought. I was attracted to the radial fins, they reminded me of a WWII fighter aircraft engine. 150W 200V 20A Constant Current Electronic Load Battery Discharge Capacity Tester 830479667608 | eBay
  9. heritage

    Fuse ConFUSion

    Your right. Most of us have fuse or circuit breaker panels that have more than one load attached to each fuse or breaker. Ideally though, it would be better if each load had its own circuit protection. If there are two loads on one fuse and one of the loads pops the fuse, then you lose the...
  10. heritage

    Standing Rigging

    If you prefer to purchase online, I had good luck with Rigging Only. You will have to give them an exact description of your stay or you can mail them your old one. Rigging Only
  11. heritage

    LiFePO4 conversion

    OK, I see what you are doing. Should work fine, but I am not willing to give up being able to charge the house bank with the alternator. My alternator is also small but is still capable of charging the lipo batteries at 20amps with the dc to dc converter. I only have 100 watts of solar but...
  12. heritage

    Fuse ConFUSion

    I noticed that two of the fuses are each supporting two loads. Not good. So you should consider a replacement fuse block with as many fuses as you have loads. There are much better options for a boat than glass fuses. Such as this Blue Sea fuse block: ST Blade Fuse Block - 12 Circuits with...
  13. heritage

    Questions About Composting Toilets

    I installed a C-Head in my H-27. The manufacturer recommended that the head not to be vented unless there is a build up of moisture in the composting bowl. They did include a vent hose and connections if venting became necessary. I believe the vent hose is 1 1/4". Too early to tell if I...
  14. heritage

    Datamarine Depthsounder

    There is a ring on the back of the unit that is held on with set screws. Take the ring off and the unit will slid forward out of the case.
  15. heritage

    Fuel Leak at HP Pump Injector Line - Yanmar 2GM This parts catalog shows on fig. 32 a gasket and o-ring in the assembly. I have never disassembled the fittings. Maybe someone that has will post.
  16. heritage

    Yanmar 1GM Water in Oil??

    Before water reached the oil seal, it should have been dripping out of the weep hole. Did you ever notice any dripping water from the pump?
  17. heritage

    Identify this wire

    If it is yellow it connects to the oil pressure sender. If white, it connects to the water temp sender. The water temp sender is located higher on the front of the engine than the oil pressure sender.. looking at your video, it appears you are attaching it to the water temp sender..
  18. heritage

    Yanmar 2gm shutting down with battery selector on.

    My 2gm20f bogs down when at low rpm when the dc to dc converter is switched on. The converter is only putting a 20 amp load on the stock alternator. I didn't think that that light of a load would have much impact, but it does. The engine smooths out at about 1200 rpm. Your new AGMs may be...
  19. heritage

    Solar Vent on a head hatch.

    Capta, Marinco/Nicro calls it a shutoff damper.