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  1. victorhoisington

    EPIRB Pricing

    OK, I'm on the hunt for an EPIRB and PLB's. After doing lots of research and looking at every vendor, I'm noticing a disturbing trend. Unlike many things boating related, which I can find on sale or discounted by doing some due diligence, EVERYONE and I mean every single vendor both in store...
  2. victorhoisington

    Westpoint Harbour VS. BCDC

    Sailors, First, I apologize if this is not the proper place to post this and will promptly remove the topic if asked. I dock my boat at the one of the newest and arguably one of the cleanest marina's in the SF Bay area, WestPoint harbour. This marina was built on reclaimed land and has in my...
  3. victorhoisington

    Tuning a Ketch RIg

    So Saturday was my 2nd day out this year, and the first with any real wind (estimated at 10-12 knots). We had a nice sail under Jin and Jigger (Jib and Mizzen sail) and the boat responded well reaching a top speed of 7.4 knots (according to the Chartplotter) on a nice beam reach. But I have a...
  4. victorhoisington

    Traditional or In-Mast or Boom Furler

    All, I'm not looking for flames or rants, but I'm looking to get a new boat and I have a question. let me set the stage: - Boat size 45' - 50' - Primarily San Francisco Bay but with occasional trips up/down the coast. - mostly single handing but, with the admiral on board occasional to help...
  5. victorhoisington

    Windex Light from a LED Solar Yard Light??

    I'm interested in thoughts on making a windex light. Rather than running yet another set of wires to the top of the mast and having to create yet another connection at the base, I'm thinking of taking one of my LED solar yard lights and converting it to be my windex light. I'll need to...
  6. victorhoisington

    Floor Finishing

    Ok, I need some help. My 1989 Hunter 28 has a cockpit floor panel behind the binnacle which was originally made of fiberglass and cored with plywood. This panel has failed and I am replacing it with a new solid wood panel made of teak and birch. I have completed building the new panel and it...
  7. victorhoisington

    Rebedding hull to deck joint

    I've embarked on a 2 year project. I recently purchased an old Plastic classic, a 1962 Shock 25, hull #63. This boat was originally in San Diego, as best I can tell and spent the better part of its life in salt water. I found it after it sat outside in Wyoming for 5 years. My plan is to...
  8. victorhoisington

    Life is better with a Boat

    Sorry, slightly off topic since this shows only motor boats but, anyone who enjoys the water and their time on boats should enjoy this: Fair Winds, Victor
  9. victorhoisington

    Irish Olympic Sailing

    Just thought you might like to see how the Irish are viewing the Olympic Sailing.