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  1. Captmayhem

    O'day 23 vang

    So the little wire end with the steel ball let go at the end of the season, killing my last sail, I did jury rig but still... Need to buy a new wire with ball. I'd replaced the line and blocks at the begging of the season, just need the wire. Where can I find such a thing. I'm sure many will...
  2. Captmayhem

    longgggg shot

    Going to be around the Cancun area from 22 July, if anyone is out there and wants to meet up for a beer of four :)
  3. Captmayhem

    Not a question, more a "hell yea"!

    Owned No Hurry, an O'day 23-2 for 3(this is our 4th) years. Today was the first time we "raced" no clue, really should be the name of the boat, but for whatever dumb luck reason, we were first off the line and led for maybe 500 yds. This was in "no wind" 2-3 mph, awful sailing. We rounded the...
  4. Captmayhem

    I'm sinking ....Again

    So, we've had some pretty rough weather lately, which has caused maybe an inch in the bilge of the 23' . She's normally pretty tight. I cleaned out yesterday, and with no rain overnight, there was more water today :( Where do I start? I have way too much invested over the year to walk away...
  5. Captmayhem

    Oh my O'day had some ropey quality

    Prepping "no hurry" for getting wet next week, and one thing that has bothered me since getting the 23 was that the screws holding the gudgeons never seemed tight. I had the use of 12 year old who was not eager nor willing to climb into the bowels of the O'day. But went anyway. Removed and re...
  6. Captmayhem

    custom penants

    I'm looking to have a pennant/flag made to honor my fathers navy service. Sadly he's been gone a few years but I think I want to fly a pennant/flag of his ship whilst sailing sometimes . Does anyone have experience with custom flag makers they recommend?
  7. Captmayhem

    water wars

    OK, not really sailing related, but will help my two future sailors stay interested. Our local sailing club has an after race water war in the summer(and we have members on here so PM top secret info). I'm looking to build a 12v 60' range "canon" need experience and ideas please I'll be adding...
  8. Captmayhem

    Any resident RSOs in the house?

    Had a little run in with Tritium at work shall we say, I'm looking for a second opinion from a qualified source..
  9. Captmayhem

    eastern erie canal

    I don't want to jinx it, but a new toy may be in my future. She's up north and west, I would likely be bringing her from Oneida to Raritan bay. HELP! guide books/web sites first hand guidance I'm stepping up from a 23' to a 39' here(hopefully) so any and all advice is worth everything I pay for...
  10. Captmayhem

    post irma/harvey et al!

    So I would imagine there are going to be a huge number of boats up for sale over the next few months years that suffered damage in storms. Not that that means a bad boat, but it can . Are boat sellers required by law to disclose storm damage? repairs(major)? I know a good survey "should" find...
  11. Captmayhem

    sailing after a heart attack

    So I managed to go get myself a heart attack, at 46 <sigh> Are there any souls here who still sail after an MI , mild or severe. I'm more than a little worried about getting back out there, as most of my sailing is/was solo, albeit on a small lake. Really not sure what my course of action is...
  12. Captmayhem

    heads up for openplotter users

    I'm having a rough time after upgrading to version 0.14.3 alpha, seems to break the openplotter menu , at least on my rpi3. Does anyone have a copy of anything above 0.10.0?
  13. Captmayhem

    small victories

    So , not sure how many here do their own rope work, but I needed to get a new pendant line for the center board, D&R had them but I decided to make my own. Bought the double braid and a 5/16" fid , took some huffing and puffing but I have an eye splice :) Like I said, small victories just quite...
  14. Captmayhem


    I'm sinking, well, not me per se, the boat is though. Went down to the boat today to work on the spreader lights, only to find 3" of water in the bilge, she's normally bone dry. Anyway, much searching and head scratching, come to find the upper part of the center board tubing has split!!!! I'm...
  15. Captmayhem

    oday 23 mast wirring

    Anyone have an insight into how I can pull a new cable in for my mast light? The old cable is corroded and needs either cutting back or replacing, however there is no slack and I can't see how or where it is routed.
  16. Captmayhem

    center board problems

    Ok, launch from hell yesterday, O'day 23 , forgot to make sure the center board line was tied off, it was not. Line got caught up on the trailer during launch, could neither get it free from the trailer, nor get the boat back on the trailer, horrible day, lots of blisters and sunburn! In the...
  17. Captmayhem

    charging wet batteries onboard

    I've just installed a 30W solar panel and controller on my 23' O'day , everything seems to work, shows battery voltage have measured power and does indeed appear to charge(when the sun's out). However, the battery is installed in the port cockpit locker, in a battery box. What's going to happen...
  18. Captmayhem

    Oh come on!

    So when we buttoned up "no hurry" last year, I put a new tarp on, all tied down and ready for winter. Well apparently it was not ready for the snow and ice that pulled so hard it bent two stanchions and left the cockpit full of water! Ah well, was replacing life lines anyway, just had not...
  19. Captmayhem

    sunsail ownership

    I'm sure I'm not the only one getting emails from them, what's the catch?
  20. Captmayhem

    hunter 356

    meant to post this here, not in just big boats, sorry Is what the CFO, Admiral whatever she is this week, has settled on. We looked at 350s(my choice), we looked at bendy toes 351s. But the 356 gives us the best layout for the family, and I quite like the look, a lot! So, any 356 owners here...