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  1. victorhoisington

    Catalina 320 Stem Fitting

    The amount of rust is concerning so your plan to replace and inspect during the off season sounds good. However, even if the welds failed on your headstay I wouldn't be too concerned. The main load is on the strap which is a continuous piece and not cracked so the welds may break but your...
  2. victorhoisington

    Drill into my traveler bar?

    I would not suggest drilling into the traveler bar. It will weaken the bar and you will end up with a failure at the worst time (failure will occur in high winds when sailing close hauled). Drilling into the fiberglass isn't that big a deal but if you want an option, mount the cleat on a hose...
  3. victorhoisington

    Boat mover

    You don't mention where in Florida - are you going to the panhandle? or to the East Coast? If your heading to the west coast consider a trip along the ICW. If your heading to the East Coast it adds quite a bit to the trip or the shipper makes more sense.
  4. victorhoisington

    Remove Hunter 28.5 Mast

    On the hunters the junction is at the mast base (under the mast. You will need to raise the mast up about 4-6", disconnect the wiring (be careful it doesn't slip) and then you can lower the mast. You really don't need to mark the stays (they only go back one way) and you can tune the mast...
  5. victorhoisington

    Great Salt Lake Fables

    I believe it is called Careening. There are various methods, swinging the boom out and placing weight (crew, barrels of water, etc.), are methods used. It is often used by sailboats to clear low bridges or other obstructions. Good luck
  6. victorhoisington

    Barometer vs temperature

    Also be aware that your Barometer is probably not calibrated with the other barometers in the ares (think synchronizing a watch). So your reading may not be the same. However, you should see similar movement up/down as others in your area. Inches vs millibars is just a scale, mbar =...
  7. victorhoisington

    San Juan 23 pendulum stabilized non encoding wind indicator replacement

    The parts you need are pretty basic. You could make them out of any plastic or metal with minimal effort. The tab is just that a flat piece of plastic with a hole in the middle the wind vane is just a balanced wind vane (look online for a pattern). I would replace the bolts. and threaded...
  8. victorhoisington

    Helm Steering Wheel Moved?

    The rudder moved. DO NOT think that the wheel brake will keep things locked. While it works most of the time repeated wave action and boat rocking will move the rudder. As noted above it is a brake not a lock.
  9. victorhoisington

    Forestay breaks for second time in three years

    Also check your rig tension once repaired. sounds to me like your stays may be a bit loose allowing the mast to pump or move a bit in higher winds. This puts wear on the fittings and could be your ultimate cause of the problem.
  10. victorhoisington

    First Sail on 23.5

    Seasick remedies - put one or both of them at the helm, take them out on calm days and as they learn the boat they get more comfortable. Ginger ale and or ginger cookies sometimes help as well Good luck
  11. victorhoisington

    Size Boat Name Decal - Beneteau Oceanis 36CC

    home port name MUST be a minimum of 4" if it to be documented. Renaming a boat is a major project. I would recommend waiting until you have it home and can remove all vestiges of the old name, select the new name (if not already done), arrange for the proper denaming and renaming ceremony...
  12. victorhoisington

    How cool?

    Sounds very col- can't access the attachment???
  13. victorhoisington

    Wheel pulling to port under power

    First off, It is not normal. When you say spin to port, are you talking spin like a round up spin that is uncontrollable or spin like, the boat wants to move that way unless you put gentle pressure on the wheel. Is this new or a problem that has been around for a while? Is there growth on the...
  14. victorhoisington

    Balancing The Helm

    So all of the discussion on sail trim is dead on and will help balance the helm however, before you get into the sail trim aspect you must tune your rig. without this you can never get the balance you want. My Hunter 28 had all the issues you originally described when I first got her. I spent...
  15. victorhoisington

    Sailboat rudder pulling to port

    SO this is here you probably need to learn a bit about foil theory and how they work. Your rudder should be balanced port/starboard regardless of prop wash, sail trim or any other factors. The foil should be the same on both sides as well as top to bottom. Take the boat out for a spin, run it...
  16. victorhoisington

    Pressure washing teak decks

    OK, I had this discussion several years ago when I needed to get the cap rails and hand rails cleaned in preparation for finish with Cetol. I used a low pressure electric power washer and did a quick and dirty job, followed by Teak Cleaner (West Marine brand) and then 3 coats of Cetol. My...
  17. victorhoisington

    Backing a Hunter 26 into its slip

    So find a set of steps something like you would use for a hot tub or the same. We had a similar configuration with our Hunter 28 and it was difficult to back into the slips due to the large overhang from the end of the fingers. Use the steps and people can easily step onto the boat and then...
  18. victorhoisington

    Lower rudder bearings

    Humming and other sounds from the rudder are not uncommon. it may be a bearing or it could be a factor of growth on the rudder, the rudder not being faired properly or a sound from the prop/prop shaft. More detail son what type of sound, what conditions make it happen and is it repeatable or...
  19. victorhoisington

    Was looking for recommendations for a stack pack sail cover for 85 hunter 40

    I had a set of Doyle stackpacks made up fro my Islander Ketch
  20. victorhoisington

    Line thimble....

    Please help explain the need for chain stretch? The idea of an all chain rode is that when times are calm the chain will lay along the bottom and hand almost perpendicular from the bow roller. With proper scope (7/1 to 10/1) as the boat rides over the waves it will pick up a small bit of chain...