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  1. Flip Rutledge

    H 31 battery location

    my 1986 H31 has the batteries located behind the engine on a board over the transmission. is this the correct location? there is what looks to me like a better spot in the access area under the starboard seat. I don't see any reference in the manual. it is not easy to get at or replace batteries...
  2. Flip Rutledge

    H31 main sheet

    does anyone off hand know the length of the main sheet on a 1986 H31. I need to replace mine,but until I get out of this hospital bed I can't get out there to measure. in rehab all I can do is spend all my money ordering parts. when my back heals it will be back on the water to install everything.
  3. Flip Rutledge

    Stripping, How deep to go

    I am repainting my 1986 Hunter 31. The first few coats came off without too much trouble using a chemical stripper. I am now getting a thick blue layer that only softens a bit and is very difficult to scrape off. I am wondering if I have gotten into the epoxy barrier coat. I don't have the...
  4. Flip Rutledge

    Furler line location

    I am adding a jib furler to my Hunter 31 (1986). I am debating the best location for the furling line. If I run it under the cowling with the other lines to the cockpit, it would have to pass over the cabin and seems it would rub in addition to being under foot. If I run it along the toe rail...
  5. Flip Rutledge

    Genoa size

    I am looking at replacing the jib on my Hunter 31. I am looking for advice on the size genoa to get. Do any of you have experience or know of performance differences in a 135% versus a 150%? I would like to get the most performance without too much effect on the helm. We are only cruisers...
  6. Flip Rutledge

    Fresh water bottom paint

    I am new to keeping my boat in the water as opposed to trailering. I am preparing to strip and repaint the hull of my Hunter 31. The boat is moored in Lake Huron in Cheboygan MI. It will stay in the water for about 6 months of the year. Given the short season, and cool fresh water, do I need an...
  7. Flip Rutledge

    Painting bottom

    This is my first time painting the bottom of a boat this size. Hunter 31. I assume I should back off each of the cradle pad to paint under them. I am not sure the best way to work this. Do I need to rig temporary support for each one, or is it safe to pull one at a time? The aft support goes...
  8. Flip Rutledge

    H31 Masthead

    I am installing a wind instrument on my 1986 H31 masthead. I have not had a chance lately to go visit the boat to have a good look. The mast is down but when layed out on some stands on the deck it is still about 15 feet off the ground. So until I have a chance to get a tall ladder and brave the...
  9. Flip Rutledge

    H31 mast wire install

    I am trying to install a masthead wind sensor. Has anyone successfully installed a new wire through the mast step without removing the trim on the head door. I can get a fish tape in through the bottom, but it stops at the step. It seems the tube through the step does not line up well with the...
  10. Flip Rutledge

    Ticking sound in H31

    I have a 'new' 1986 H31. When I heal moving over 5 knots, I hear a regular ticking sound seeming to come from the port rear berth area. It is not engine or prop related as I have tried running the engine and it does not change the rate or volume of the ticking. So far I have only sailed single...