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  1. heritage

    Battle Born batteries

    Anyone tried these so called, "drop-in" batteries? They are LiPoFe4 batteries manufactured in Reno, Nv. The group 27 version is made up of 120 26650 cylindrical cells arranged 4s30p to output 12v with 100 ah capacity. Except for the initial cost, they look like they would work very well for...
  2. heritage

    Hurricane Florence

    Here is our H27 at the cherry point marina in North Carolina. Pic was taken about 7pm by a brave friend that stayed in the area. The boat behind the bush is ours. We anticipated a big rise in the bays water level so all lines on pilings were attached high up with a lot of slack. All the nice...
  3. heritage

    H 27 rudder

    Has anyone adjusted the stuffing box on the rudder post. I can barely see it under the steering quadrant. I'm getting some water in during rough passages.
  4. heritage

    H27 mast compression problems

    The sliding door between the saloon and the head will not close all the way because the port side of the ceiling has dropped about 1/2" when compared to the starboard side. Not sure how to go about doing a permanent fix because I don't how the mast/compression post area is constructed on the...
  5. heritage

    Yanmar runs backwards??

    The engine, 2gm20f, had not been started in several weeks. After failing to start after several tries, I was about ready to crack the injector fuel inlets to see if that helped. Before doing that I tried starting one more time. Thinking back, my finger may have slipped off the starter button...
  6. heritage

    Yanmar transmission dipstick

    If you have a GM series yanmar with the kw tranny and your dipstick has the yellow plastic threads you might be interested in this. I have had the threads stripped to the point that the dipstick needed replacing. I'm pretty careful when threading being that the soft plastic is going up...
  7. heritage

    Inspection camera

    Thinking of getting one of these: I would use it to check for prop zinc condition and barnacles on the prop without getting in the water, and check to see if any crab pot line or debris is wrapped around prop or rudder. Also, nice to be able to look...
  8. heritage

    Racor Snapp

    Anyone tried this filter? It has a lot of features that sound good: Quick disconnect fuel lines,,, water drain valve that doesn't let in air,,, when changing filters you attach the old filter to the new one and let the fuel flow...
  9. heritage

    Raw water pump leaking

    Engine is a Yanmar 2gm20f, marinized in Japan. I believe the pump is an Oberdorfer, but can't find any markings except C-388. The cover plate for the pump is stainless steel and the bolts take a socket instead of screwdriver. The water drips from the weep holes. I took the pump apart and...
  10. heritage

    Moving main halyard to the cockpit

    It's becoming a little daunting at my age to go to the mast and raise the main when the winds blowing and the boat is pitching. The non-self-tailing winch on the mast means that the Admiral is there to do the tailing, as we are both holding on for dear life, while the auto pilot is trying to...
  11. heritage

    A Little Push

    Sometimes you just need a little push to get going:
  12. heritage

    3GM30F Heat Exhanger

    I have come to the conclusion that there are two varieties of tube assemblies that fit into the jacket of the 3GM30 heat exchanger. My heat exchanger has 52 small tubes, a horizontal rubber gasket separating the upper and lower section of tubes, and a large O-ring as the gasket. The tube...
  13. heritage

    Head raw water intake

    Peggy, would you read the O'Day thread in the link below, and let us know if it is okay to tee off the head's raw water intake with the sink's drain. The tee is about 8" below the water line and double clamped. Thanks
  14. heritage

    Oday 37 cc water tanks

    I want to replace the clear plastic water hoses that go from the water tanks to the pressure pump. I can't figure out where the hoses are attached to the tanks. The tanks are located on each side of the engine and behind solid wood walls. The tops of the polyethylene tanks can be accessed by...
  15. heritage

    Windlass Installation

    I just purchased a Quick 1000 watt verticle windlass with a 5/16" chain/rope capstan and will be installing it on my Oday 37 CC. The boat has never had a windlass. I found this link that gave me ideas on how to...