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  1. njlarry

    Where to buy outboard?

    Wouldn't thought it be this difficult to buy a simple outboard. Trying to get 2020 6 hp Tohatsu. Live in NJ drive thru Delaware to get to boat in Maryland so have tried dealers listed on Tohatsu but no luck. Some of the dealers listed on the Tohatsu as dealers don't actually even sell Tohatsu...
  2. njlarry

    Engine alarm chirps

    Universal m25 xpb panel alarm this morning started chirping after the first 15 minutes of running. Normal temp and oil pressure. It was so quiet and fast that I mistook it at first for something loose on the cockpit vibrating. It ran fine the day before. Oil pressure read 50 temp 158.
  3. njlarry

    What ever happened to all forums forum

    There used to be an all forum forum that posted all recent posts that did not require searching every forum individually which is a real pita! Also some issues cross over several forums at once.
  4. njlarry

    Gear ads.

    Anyone know how to access the previous year for sale ads on this site?
  5. njlarry

    O Day parts

    Looking for the food molded deck box propane locker liners. Also a.c. electric panel or parts.
  6. njlarry

    M 25xp b starter relay

    Anyone know either the Kabota or Universal part number for the M 25xpb starter relay? Many thanks in advance.
  7. njlarry

    Genius time fix for Beckson @#%&* portlight gasket

    I have previously posted my frustrating experience over 6 years trying to replace a leaking gasket over the settee. Talked to Beckson customer service who suggested a plastic head hammer. Might work in a jig but no go on my ports. Finally decided to make jig to route out a bigger dado groove and...
  8. njlarry

    New depth display....old transducer

    Just applied Maine Sails handy tips to connect my old 200 mhz? Data Marine transducer to a new Raymatine i50 display. All went well. Found out the mini spade connectors are called 1/8 inch spades and it's best to leave the center wire shorter as the outer braided wire is much more flexible and...
  9. njlarry

    Good Old Boat Insurance

    Allstate will no longer will write on my 1984 boat. Real bummer as have brand new rigging and have always hauled for hurricanes and winters are spent on the hard. Anyone KNOW of other insurance companies that will insure older boats? My broker says "American Modern" will but I have never heard...
  10. njlarry

    O'DAY soundproofing

    Did a search on sound proofing but only found lots of discussion on type of materials. Really wondering where the panels can be placed. Front, no problem, engine access hatch under companion way ladder. Starboard side, also easy, line the quarter berth access panel. Port side, more complicated...
  11. njlarry

    Need Beckson port workaround

    We have replaced all but one of the gaskets on our Beckson opening ports. It has been leaking for years and have tried every known trick to get the new gasket to fit. Heat, stretching even a plastic hammer per Beckson without success. The finger on the gasket will not fit in the groove of the...
  12. njlarry

    Missing mast pin

    Hello all. The manual for my 1984 O'day 34 in big bold type warns that the dealer MUST intall a 1/2 inch stainless pin thru the mast just over the deck mast collar. The mast is now on saw horses and there is no hole where a pin was placed. Anyone else have this pin missing also? I could add it...
  13. njlarry

    Need advice on NG-1 Masthead.

    Hello all. I am trying to get my mast back up but need help with some questions. I have tried calling Rig Rite but they do not have any customer service people to advise and all questions must now be sent via email. I misss the days when customer service was number one.( are there any other...
  14. njlarry

    How to rig spinnaker on Isomat mast?

    Hello all. Hope to see mast down this weekend. Lots of overdue work to be done. One of the tasks is to rig a spinnaker halyard. I would like to keep part of it internal. Someone here kindly posted a picture of a masthead bail I think was made by Rig Right but I can't find it on their website...
  15. njlarry

    Need local knowledge NJ coast

    Looking to help a friend move his 30 ft 4 ft draft powerboat from Forked River to Cape May. Is it possible to navigate the whole way on the inside? The water behind Brigantine and Atlantic City looks very thin in some spots while the Ventor bridges could also be an issue. Thank you for any local...
  16. njlarry

    AED onboard?

    Having just replaced the pads on my clubs AED I wonder if anyone keeps one onboard. They cost about a grand new and require battery and pad replacement for about $100 each every 5 or more years depending on brand. But they are so easy to use. Ma and Pa Kettle would have 90% chance of success...
  17. njlarry

    Sailboats and drones

    All the great videos here have inspired me to consider becoming a droid dude myself. I am considering the dji mavic pro or air. However I know watching it splash and sink will lead me to kick the poor dog. So my question is how does one launch and retrieve from a moving sailboat with the...
  18. njlarry

    Winterize with city hookup

    Searched but no luck on this. Helping a friend winterize his power boat for the first time. (Searay) He has a shore side city water connection and a fitting to hook up his compressor to it. The plan is to blow the water out of the lines and only add antifreeze to the heads. On my boat I have...
  19. njlarry

    *T4 vs T5 oil

    Any difference between T4 vs T5 diesel engine oil. I have always used T4 15 40 wt before but WM only had T5 10 30 wt in stock last week.
  20. njlarry

    Worth adding AC to good old boats?

    Lots of prior discussion about makes and types of marine air conditioning but is it ever economicly viable on our good old thirty plus year old boats? The current heat wave makes me think of installing one but would any of the three thousand dollars cost, about 10 % of many old boats value ever...