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  1. njlarry

    Winterizing the C310 engine?

    If I remember correctly the raw water cooling system is under 2 gal but I run 4 gal thru it and still check the specfic gravity. Antifreeze is cheap, engines are not so 4 or 5 gal will give you some piece of mind. After haulout don't forget to disconnect batteries and remove garboard drain plug...
  2. njlarry

    How to enter a slip with pilings

    Our 34 is in a 45 slip so the end outer piling is far away from our stern. We come in bow first against a floating dock. The system Ward mentions is great and fool proof but takes some setting up. What gets us in stress free every time is... One, get a Dock Mate fiberglass pole towards the slip...
  3. njlarry

    US Coast Guard ATON Survey

    Added my two cents they should keep crab traps and trot lines out of channels and light all fish traps. A guy can dream.
  4. njlarry

    Winterizing the C310 engine?

    I have the same engine. Your plan is good. I change the trans fluid every year, leave the seacocks open, change fuel filter every other year around 100 hrs and disconnect the batteries. I leave the impeller in and replace every two or three years. Zinc is checked once a month in season. I have...
  5. njlarry

    Where to find hard to find fasteners?

    Bolts Depot and of course wonderful MacMaster Carr
  6. njlarry

    Where to buy outboard?

    Want to thank all who replied. I seem to SOL. Called Franzwa's they were very nice but no longer sell Tohatsu but do service them. Called Tuckerton twice but not answering and from the look of their website they don't carry them anymore either. As last resort called Online Outboards and told...
  7. njlarry

    Where to buy outboard?

    I am not dissing anyone just reporting the fact and wondering if there is any merit to it. I believe that is appropriate for an open forum. As stated in the op I have reasons to select a 2020 Tohatsu. I most definitely prefer to buy from a bricks and mortar dealer but so far have had no luck...
  8. njlarry

    Where to buy outboard?

    Onlineoutboards I think had some very bad reviews? Has anyone experience with them? Would be perfect as no shipping or sales tax. Will give Franzwas a call.
  9. njlarry

    Where to buy outboard?

    Wouldn't thought it be this difficult to buy a simple outboard. Trying to get 2020 6 hp Tohatsu. Live in NJ drive thru Delaware to get to boat in Maryland so have tried dealers listed on Tohatsu but no luck. Some of the dealers listed on the Tohatsu as dealers don't actually even sell Tohatsu...
  10. njlarry

    Keel Bolts

    Done on hard with anti seize compound to prevent galling stainless steel.
  11. njlarry

    Engine alarm chirps

    Thank you both. Will look at sensor and connectors this weekend. Hopefully not a dirty sensor as only 350 hrs on engine and frequent oil changes. Will post final outcome.
  12. njlarry

    Engine alarm chirps

    Universal m25 xpb panel alarm this morning started chirping after the first 15 minutes of running. Normal temp and oil pressure. It was so quiet and fast that I mistook it at first for something loose on the cockpit vibrating. It ran fine the day before. Oil pressure read 50 temp 158.
  13. njlarry

    Is 30-degrees easy and safe?

    The op was merely asking for advice about a specific idea. This forum should encourage the exchange of free ideas and not insult people coming here for help. Where did the op object to any advice? If you have nothing to help an op with please stay out of the conversation.
  14. njlarry

    Dinghy size for a 34' boat

    I asked this question a few years ago. I ended with a WM 9.5 inflatable floor. Like the inflatable floor. It is light, stable, firm to stand on and can be rolled up also much less cost than rib. We are looking to upgrade to 6 hp motor. When using it I wish we got the 10.5 when lifting it I am...
  15. njlarry

    Wrong Boat in MD

    Would you vote for the same dumb sob again? Insanity, doing the samething and expecting different results.
  16. njlarry

    Windows, oh those leaky windows

    I d try a rv camper store first. Then good old Mac Master Carr online. Good luck with it.
  17. njlarry

    Docking Mishap

    Amazing. Does anyone know what happened? Looks to be coming in way too fast. To me it looks like the single prop was in forward the whole time till the ship stopped. Did she also hit the docked ship forward? How mere men can dock such giants has always been beyond my comprehension.
  18. njlarry

    PSS Shaft Seal - Bellows Degradtion

    My pss has a vent hose but I don't recall ever seeing a water line in it. As for burping it I 've never been able to compress it to accomplish that.
  19. njlarry

    Holding tank access

    The tank was boat27w, 19 gal, 32x12x12. Also if I remember correctly there was a big problem using the grey 1 1/2 inch connectors as they were just too big for the 1 1/2 inch Raritan hose. I believe Peggy suggested changing to white pvc elbow and problem solved. I highly recommend using top...
  20. njlarry

    Holding tank access

    Thanks for the measured photo. I am considering putting an a.c. unit where the v berth step is by cutting the step side sides away and putting the air return across the opening.